A repeat of older Zyonism Post: Obama’s [Islamic] roots!

30 Jan

Elsewhere, Dan Goor, Zyonism.org says:
. . . Throughout the primaries and the election, President Obama denied his Islamic roots, he went as far as to say that he was not now, and never [in his past] a Muslim. After the election, when he realized that any negative political implication from being a Muslim would have no political affect on his future, President Obama decided to use his Islamic middle name as part of his given name for the inaguration.

Obama claims that his father was not a practicing Muslim, why then would the man name his child Hussein, a very prominent Muslim name? And, the very intelligent man that Barak Hussein Obama is, he could not have been unaware, throughout his life, of the roots of his name.

Those accused with the planning of the 9-11 event, collectively pled guilty, likely in order to test Obama’s ability to allow the death sentence against Muslims; the Koran forbid believers to put to death other Muslims. Will these perpetrators of one of the most heinous crime on US soil, be actually put to death?

President Obama’s overtures towards Iran with vague pre-conditions (no word about the Iranian commitment to destroy Israel) is paramount to suggesting that Islamic relations are important enough for President Obama to put aside long existing commitments to allies by the US, and that Israel’s security is less important than are relations with Islamic-Iran, and Iranian oil; not a good message to the global community

Al-Arabia interview, Iran appeasement, other overtures towards Islam, are they due to Obama’s birthrights?
Dan Goor, Zyonism.org
Posted in March 20th, 2009
Published in A Mulatto Semite of Muslim-birth; will Israel be sacrif, Is Islamic birth affecting Obama’s thinking, Known for shedding loyalties for expediency

We Should Have Known! Look at . . .

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