Sovereign [Arab] Palestine: A “Pipe-dream!”

20 Feb

There never were a sovereign Palestinian State, and there is never likely to be one:
Those Arabs presently residing in parts of what is referred to as “Palestine.” by historical measures of longevity, are new comers. The situation is similar to that of the Egyptian Arabs, who are not the people with the much discussed Egyptian history, or the Iraqi Arabs who are in no way are connected to the Babylonian people, or the Iranians, Aryan Muslims, who have nothing in common with the Persian of old…
Those Arabs who live in various parts of “Palestine,” are new comers, mostly displaced Syrians. The Arabs on the West bank should, and will very likely claim, Jordan as their land (with about 80% of the population,) while those in Gaza should join Egypt, a natural fit, except for some religious issues.
Jordan has no legitimacy as a sovereign country, it was illegally split away by British Mandatory Authorities from the “Grater Palestine,” which the British authorities managed under a League of Nations [temporary] Mandate. Jordan should be governed by democratically elected government which should include the population of the West Bank, and will have an overwhelming Palestinian majority, a true home for “Palestinian” Arabs.
There never were a sovereign Palestine, even under the Romans who (in the 12th Century B.C.E.,) named the land Philistine, the inhabitants were not made of Arabs, they were rather made up of Aegean people, and the country was governed by the Romans, never a sovereign country.
The Middle East is likely to be organized, before the end of the first quarter of the Twenty-first Century, in a manner totally different to one saw at the early part of that Century.
The Arab countries of North African (Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Algeria, etc.,) are likely to become a relatively secular democracies. Jordan, which will likely become the Greater Jordanian Republic, will absorb the West Bank, and all its inhabitants; while Gaza will be a part of the Egyptian Democratic Republic. Israel will remain an island of Judaism in the center of the Middle East, while Lebanon may, after some significant internal strife (which will be driven by Iran,) become a Christian nation.
It is important to realize that the Jewish people in the “greater Palestine (whatever that may be,) have over 3000 years history in that land. Families in Jerusalem, Nazareth, as well as other place within the country, can trace their root that far back in history. By any rational measure, the Jewish people are indeed the only indigenous people of that region.
Ahmadinejad will be overthrown, leaving the Aryan Iran a Democratic Republic, with some, but not significant, Shia influence.

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