US approach to Mideast: A disgrace! The Obama/Clinton inept Mideast policy.

16 Mar

US approach to Mideast: A disgrace!

It started with President George W. Bush who encouraged Iranians to rise against their government, but did not lift a finger to help them, when crushed by the regime! Such irrational policy is continuing with President Obama who keeps saying words of support to rebels, but allowing the Libyans, Egyptians, and other Mideast residents, to be slaughtered, by their autocratic leaders.

US influence in the Mideast is declining daily under the Obama/Clinton policies. Even in Israel, the only stable country in the region, the Obama Administration policies are regarded as lacking, and as generally irrational.

Additionally, Obama’s approach to a sovereign Palestinian state is a loser. Since, throughout history there never was a sovereign Palestine, and because the Palestinians are relatively new comers to the region, no such state is likely to ever be established.

Ahmadinejad continues to laugh at Barak Obama who continues to suggest the he wants to negotiate with the Iranians, and Gaddafi ignores the American President, while with his actions demonstrating that the United States to him is s mere “paper tiger.”

The declining influence of American in the Mideast is disgraceful; it is a demonstration of a totally inept foreign policy, and of a complete misunderstanding of that part of the world by the Obama Administration.

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