Hamas-PA “deal,” because Syria is crumbling! But, will Iran step in?

29 Apr

Since Hamas leadership, and source of power is in Syria, with Syria crumbling the present Gaza authority must find an ally in order to remain a viable entity. With Abbas being the weak leader that he is, an agreement with the Palestinian Authority (PA) will serve to make Hamas the stronger force within whatever will become of “Arab Palestine,” even if is ultimately annexed to a new democratic Jordan.

Adding to the changing situation are the changes in Egypt which could have an effect on the Hamas governce of Gaza. Should the Egyptian unrest remain, and its economy continue to suffer, Gaza’s economic problems will simply continue to grow, and an alliance with the PA may add fuel to the fire, since Israel will not likely to step in to fill the void without an outright recognition of its right to exist as a Jewish state, by both Hamas, and the PA.

Harsh times are ahead for Hamas and the population of Gaza since the PA has its own problems, and neither Syria, nor Egypt, are in a position to offer significant help. Adding fuel to the fire is the democratization of the Arab Middle East. Should Jordan’s “Monarchy,” fall, the likelihood of a sovereign Palestine will diminish, the area will simply be annexed to a new Jordan, and perhaps, the Gaza strip, to Egypt.

The PA Hamas reconciliation may be a very short-lived since the arrangement is forced on the two parties by circumstances what is happening in Syria, Egypt, and the rest of the Middle East.

Another player who may elect to enter the arena is Ahmadinejad, a man who, in spite of leading a non-Arab country, has visions of leading the Muslim world. Iran’s control of Hezbollah, is a case in point. With Syria crumbling, will Iran attempt to increase its influence on the Palestinians, and will it try to do so through Hamas, who like Iran, is on record as wishing to destroy Israel?

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