Obama naivete’: Israeli Palestinian talks “more vital than ever…” President Obama, there are NO Palestinians, nor sovereign Palestins!

18 May

Obama naiveté:

Again demonstrating his inability to deal with realities on the ground in favor of theory, and his dreams.

There is NO viable Palestinian representation to speak with Israel!  Unless, and until, Arab Palestinians are willing to recognize and accept Israel right to exist as a Jewish state, Israel has no Palestinian Arabs with whom to negotiate. Wake up President Obama, considering Israeli Palestinian talks under present conditions, is a sure route to another disaster; Mitchell’s resignation was essentially that message.

As things stand Israel can only negotiate with Jordan, since neither Egypt, nor the Palestinians have legitimate representatives, and even in the case of Jordan, that Monarchy is bound to be terminated within the forseeable future.

Mideast policy should preclude a sovereign Palestine. The policy should accept that Palestine (with the exception of Gaza,) is a part of Jordan,  and that Gaza is a part of the new Egypt, whatever that turns out to be.

Pushing for an Israeli Palestinian peace now is totally without merit since there is not going to be a sovereign Palestine, except perhaps under UN vote, a situation that will be very short-lived.

Wake up, Obama, pushing for Israeli Palestinian talks, is the wrong thing to do. Peace in the Mideast will require  that Palestinians be absorbed by neighbouring Arab states (Egypt, Jordan, and Lebanon,) and that Iran undergoes a regime change. Trying to deal with Iran in a diplomatic manner, and getting Israel to speak with the Palestinians, is a formula for disaster.

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