In Syria, the US is: “A day late and a dollar shy!”

30 May

America’s foreign policy in the Middle East is DOA. The Palestinians continue to reject US initiatives, the Syrian rebels essentially ignore US overtures, and North Africa, as the result of the famous “leading from behind” at Arab Springs effort, is in turmoil.
The President Obama/Hillary Clinton’s foreign policy rivals that of Collin Powell and Candoleeza Rice under George W. Bush, in its inadequacy. GWB started wars in Iraq and Afghanistan he did get rid of Sadam Hussein, a very worthy cause, but it was not worth the thousands of lost American lives.
Hillary Clinton’s policy is most visible because of the Benghazi fiasco and its cover-up, but Benghazi was not its major failing. “Leading from behind,” at Arab Springs was an efforts that helped Sharia law expand in North African and the Middle East, and that started an ever expanding new religious conflict in the region.
Most damning decision, however, was the decision to stand on the sideline of the Syrian rebellion. Early on, the rebels the secular nationalists rebels had the upper hand; with United States help they might have won. But then, Iran and its surrogates in the region, and Russia, started to support Assad, the rebels lost their edge.
Iran entered the fray under the excuse of helping its Shii brethren, Russia entered with no illusions, and it entered in order to expand its world influence.
At that point, the Saudi jumped in to help their Sunni relation, with their help came al Qaeda elements, while the conflict turned into a religious war.
The United States recent decision to aid the rebels, prompted the Russians to counter with advanced technology that would makes US and its allies effort much more difficult.
With the internal conflict turning into a major religious war, and with external forces starting to determine the direction of the civil war that the conflict is now, a protracted and very bloody war should be anticipated.
Assad’s actions already dumped well over a million refugees on the region, dwarfing the Palestinians’ refugee problem, while Assad already slaughtered many more Arabs civilians than were killed in the one-hundred year Jewish (Israeli)/Arab conflict, and the numbers are mounting.
Putin in using Syria as a stepping-stone towards regaining Russia’s lost status as a “super-power,” Iran is using the situation to try to become the official leader of Shii Islam, while the rebels that started a movement towards improving Syria lot, are now simply trying to get rid of Assad without defined future plans.
The procrastination by the United States might have been due to its realization that it jumped too soon into the Arab Springs conflict failing to realize that the two are totally a similar. Supporting the Syrian rebellion might have led to a secular democracy; while Arab Springs was design from the onset to enhance Sharia world expansion plans.
The United States entry, with EU backing may well be too late to salvage anything positive from the situation in Syria. Just removing Assad may prove as meaningless as removing Gaddafi, Or Mubarak, the US alliance is probably”: A day late and a dollar short!”

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