With Nuevo-Syria

18 Jun

With Nuevo-Syria:
The New Syria: Regional alignment without Arab Palestine!
Present Syrian civil war transformed itself from an ideological desire by many Syrians, led by the intelligentsia, to have a democracy that can draw on the country rich cultural history.
Those who started the revolution believed that because their was a goal that the West desired, risked starting undermanned, with sparse resources, and ill-funded; they expected that the West would duplicate its quick action behind Arab Springs, but the West, namely the United States, decided to stay on the sidelines.
Hillary Clinton, the stellar Secretary of State of the United States, just learned that when she supported to policy of “leading from behind” in Libya she actually supported a move towards the expansion of Sharia Law in North Africa. Secretary Clinton misread the Arab Springs movement to be for democratization, and her horrible misjudgment made her gun-shy when it came to supporting the rebellion in Libya.
While the United States was on the sidelines, Iran, the Shii nation that it is, backed up by the opportunist Putin of Russia were shoring up President Assad. Among other things, Iran arranged for Hezbollah fighter to support Assad’s effort.
With the outside help, Assad was able to overcome the early surprise advantage that the rebels enjoyed at the onset of their rebellion. Seeing that the tide was turning, Sunni Gulf states, led by the Saudis started to aid the rebels, but transformed the rebellion to a Sunni move, and supplied al Qaeda troops to aid the rebellion.
Regardless of what side wins, Assad will not remain in office, he outlived his ability to govern Syria. If his side wins, a Shii nation will emerge, a sworn enemy of Israel, and the United States. But as the war continues, and casualties and refugees grow, the situation looms so large that the world, and the region starts to downplay the plight of the Palestinians.
In the two-year revolt in Syria, more refugees were dumped on the region than in the one-hundred-year Jewish/Palestinians conflict. The rapid increase in Syrian refuges will likely drown the Palestinians refugees since the host countries are not sympathetic to the Palestinians. Should the conflict continue for another year, or two, the whole Palestinian issue might well become a sub-set of the new Syria whatever it may be?
Since by historical measures Palestinian Arabs are but Syrian who are recent immigrants to the region, it would be a fitting development to see Palestinians absorbed by regional Arab nations, the New Syria, Jordan, and Egypt. The Syrian conflict, if it drags on long enough may cause an interesting re-alignment of the region, without an Arab Palestine. And since there never was a sovereign Palestine, the region may remain true to history.
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