Obama Syria plan puts 250.000 US troops in harm’s way!

19 Jun

Obama to hand Syria’s Chems. to either al Qaeda or Iran/Hezbollah!

Trying for a repeat 200,000 performance in Berlin, while speaking of long-term issues, President Obama is avoiding severe short-term issues with potentially deadly consequences.

Suggesting to arm the Syrian rebels is tantamount to handing over to radical Sunnis, a group led by al Qaeda, may not be a prudent step towards improving the security of the Free World.
Since Assad has the largest arsenal of chemical weapons in the world with delivery systems that can reach US troops in the Gulf, Turkey, Jordan, and on the Med.
Should US help aid the rebels, the Sunni side win, Syria would be controlled by extreme Islamism, and it is likely that al Qaeda would control a chemical weapons arsenal that can reach some quarter of a million American troops. If the Assad side wins, Syria would become a Shii control elements, with Iran and Hezbollah controlling the large chemical arsenal that can reach the same number of American troops, and Israel, their mortal enemies.
Short of American troops on the ground to take control of the chemical weapons, Syria would become a source of immediate threat to numerous American troops.
This is a clear case of: “Clear and Present Danger,” while the United States may have a Commander in Chief (C.i.C.) who does not have the internal fortitude to commit American troops to an unavoidable source of danger to numerous American, and allies lives.

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