was Islam a force in Hillary Clinton’s State Department?

19 Aug

There is essentially no doubt that Hillary Clinton’s foreign policy regarding Islam was flawed; beyond just incompetence. Insisting that Mubarak resign while nearly everyone in the know; realized; that his resignation would mean an early take-over by the Muslim Brotherhood. The support of Arab Springs appears on the surface as an unwitting; move to remove a dictator; it was; known to most season observers that move was designed advance the cause of Sharia law. Was Hillary Clinton over her head, or was Hillary Clinton being manipulated by those with Islamic sympathies. The same in Syria, how much conflict of interest was there in the Hillary Clinton State Department!

What a horrible background of Hillary Clinton is being exposed to the public. It seems that the lady from Arkansas likes to cover-up what she does, and in the case of Benghazi even to tell Congress that the three lives lost due to her incompetent management “did not matter any more.” What a callous human.
If Mrs. Clinton was more open, she might have realized that “leading from behind,” at Arab Springs was meant; to advance Sharia law in the region. She made that her own crusade causing irreparable damage to numerous North, and Central African countries, and to the Middle East.
There is another issue of concern in the special case of Huma Abedin, a practicing Muslim. Being at the right hand of Secretary Clinton who was managing efforts of the United States in Muslim countries, Abedin could represent a very serious problem. The Quran edicts that to be a Muslim your top priority, your uncompromising loyalty, must be only to Allah; it must bed unwavering!
The employment arrangement notwithstanding, how about the loyalty to Allah, versus that to the United States? This is no laughing matter. At a time when Secretary Clinton decided to have the United States stand on the sideline at the rebellion in Syria, a conflict generally between Shii (Assad’s side,) and Sunni (the rebels, Saudi, and al Qaeda,) how much did Abedin, the Muslim aide, have to do with the Secretary’s decisions?
Where there is smoke, there is fire!”

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