Obama’s symbolic Syria action betrayal of Isreal and other allies.

30 Aug

Should President Barak Obama elect for a symbolic action in Syria, and not take control of Syria’s chemical arsenal, the American President would be betraying Israel and other allies in the region.
Bahar al-Assad already said that US action would bring about retaliation, starting with Tel Aviv, Turkey, and Jordan will also likely feel Assad’s ire, as US troops in the region.

Humiliation is the least of our worries! This, Shawn, is a very serious matter not only for the United States, but also, for the whole “civilized” world.
Not to bore you audience more than necessary let me deal with the problem, and then follow with the background.
If President Obama does anything short of gaining control of Syria’s chemicals, if he only make a symbolic gesture by air strikes, he would be putting about a quarter of a million American troops in [an unnecessary] harms-way, while betraying our allies, starting with Israel, and moving on to Turkey, Jordan, and Iraq.
President Bashar al-Assad is already on record that United State action will result in missiles in Tel Aviv.
I must agree that President Obama is “between the Rock and the hard place,” but then whoever said that the job of President is an east job.
The main difficulty may well be that to control Syria’s chemical weapons and delivery systems would likely require boots on the ground, likelt a short-tern action, but never-the-less, the dreaded “boots on the ground.”
Syria is rich with history, a major contributor to human knowledge and culture. The country has a large intelligentsia, one of the secular, nationalistic forces behind the present rebellion.
Since President Obama, and Hillary Clinton, after recovering from the Arab Springs fiasco, decided to stand on the sidelines at Syria when the revolt started. Those who started the rebellion expected Unites States support since their action was consistent with America’s policy of “democratization.”
Early on the rebels had a good level of success due to the element of surprise. While that was happening, Iran, including its surrogates Hezbollah, and Hamas, and with equipment, and advisers from Russia, gave Assad help. Since Assad was regaining his posture through help from Iran, and its Shii surrogates, Syria Sunni neighbors had to enter the fray on side of the rebels. The Sunni aid from Saudi Arabia, with some al Qaeda elements, changed the complexion of the conflict into a religious war.
Assad has the largest chemical weapons arsenal in the world, the regime also have delivery systems that can reach United States troops on the Gulf, in Turkey, in Jordan, and on the Mediterranean.
Short of United States control of Syria’s chemicals, a disaster is likely to occur, neither of the two warring parties in Syria are dependable parties to trust with Syria’s chemicals.
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