Syria’s conflict WILL end with new Middle East Geography! Emerging: Kurdistan, two Lebanons, no”Palestine:”

26 Sep

The conflict in Syria WILL end with geographic re-alignment of the region, the details are not yet relevant. For example, many the three or more million Syrian refugees will not return to Syria; where and how do they end? Kurds will insist and will likely end up with their own country (parts of Syria, Turkey, Iraq.)
There will no legitimate Syria (the US and most others will not accept Assad, Russia and Iran would not allow a Sunni sovereign, what a mess…) to hand the Golan Heights back to, it WILL thus remain Israeli territory in perpetuity.
With the wholesale re-alignment there will likely no room for new “Palestine” as a separate new country, part will likely be annexed to Jordan, part to Egypt, providing the Egypt government structure ever gets settled.
And there is Lebanon with enhanced Hezbollah influence and about a million and a half Syrian added to its highly heterogeneous population, what a challenge that will cause; perhaps a split into two countries, one Christian, the other Muslim…”
Lebanon would likely split into a muslim (to the north,) and Chriswtian (to the south, bordering with Israel,) contries, Hezbollah would likley control the Islamic client state of Iran, and Russia.
And the remaining Syria, an enigma! Will it be Sunni with significant al Qaeda, and Saudi influence, or will it become more moderate, too early to tell…

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