Of Snowden: A hero, or a Goat? Let his peers judge when all facts are in!

4 Nov

In many cases, to some a terrorist is a criminal, to others, the same person may be a freedom fighter, or a hero, if you will. There is no doubt that nations do, and must keep some state secrets, but who is to judge if said secrets are indeed justified? Who is to judge if they harm the populous?
What Snowden did might have been illegal, but Thomas Jefferson in his wisdom made it clear that challenging authority was to be a part of the Nation that he helped “shape,” and that challenges are actually to be a part of the system.
There is a very thin line between first amendments right, and criminal violation of “state secrets.” The big question, who is to draw that line? Is it the authority being challenged, or the person challenging that authority?
In the case of Snowden, more of the nature of what was leaked should be known, and then, and only then, a jury of his peer should decide if he is a hero, or a villain…

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