Why delay Afghanistan departure? Staying one more day = zero sum loss!

18 Jan

“Since the Obama Administration forfeited Afghanistan to the Taliban and other Islamic groups, a decision which much like leaving Iraq too soon, and Syria red-line fiasco will allow Iran to control the Middle East on the way to becoming the leaser of the Islamic World, why stay any longer?.
Consistent with Secretary Gates words, the regional wars were converted from trying to have some US impact on the the Muslim part of the Middle East, to an effort to appease the US electorate.
Since the decision to leave Afghanistan soon is made, why not simply start immediately, since leaving American troops in harm’s way with a political, or military objective will simply results in dead American for no reason whatsoever.
Starting with the “leading from behind,” at Arab Springs, a move towards the expansion Sharia law that Hillary Clinton mistook as a move towards democratization, following by the capitulation on the Syria red line, then the “humble-pie” with Iran, the United State, under President Obama, is handing over the Islamic ME to Iran to control.
The idea of getting the US out of Afghanistan now, not later, is imperative. Even Sunni countries in the region fear [Shiite] Iran’s gaining control. They fear it so much that the following adage applies: “My enemy’s enemy is my friend,” resulting in Israel having tacit permission to use Saudi airspace should it decide to rid the world of Iran’s nukes.
The message to President Obama, get out of Afghanistan now! Not later, but now!”

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