Discussing Pollard a mistake by both US and Israel; trying to buy peace, a travesty!

2 Apr

The Palestinian authority (PA) received billions for the United for “tourism,” or in reality, so that they will agree to participate in the “peace talks!” On the other side of the equation, the Israelis must commit to release some very violent prisoners which is an act not popular by the Israeli public. The Obama Administration seems to be considering the release of Jhonathan Pollard, as an incentive for the Prisoners release, and which would ease the pain with the Israel populous.
Each side is essentially being “bribed” by the Obama Administration to participate in the “peace talks,” an event that could add favorably to an otherwise lack luster legacy that the President is assembling.
A prisoners release, freeing Pollard, and other minor discussion, are not items that will bring an Israeli-Palestinian peace any closer.
In order to get any semblance of peace, the hard issue must be cleared up front since there are a number are irrevocable items. For example, Israel must keep Jerusalem as its capital, the Palestinians would not accept that notion without a serious fight. The Palestinian would like their refugees to return, not a notion that Israel will accept. Israel must have its Jewish identity while the Palestinians do not like the idea.
If anyone is serious about peace one must solve the hard issues upfront and leave the “window-dressing” of Pollard and some prisoners release for another time.
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