Is the Putin v Obama conflict a twenty-first century David v Goliath replay?

15 May

Barack Hussein Obama, an athletically built man of 6’1”, presides over a robust nation, the most powerful country on earth, is being challenged by Vladimir Putin, a man who is from six to eight inches shorter than is President Obama, also athletically built, but the country he presides over is economically far behind many other countries in the world. This is clearly a case of Obama, the Goliath, versus Putin the David on the global stage.
There are many issues the two men are at odds about, not the least of which is what appears to be Vladimir’s Putin’s desire to expand Russia’s sphere of influence around the world. In addition for expanding in Eastern Asia, Putin’s Russia is actively pursuing virtual control over the Shiite Middle East, a move that President Obama does not seem to understand, a move that causes President Obama severe discomfort because he seems to be intimidated by anything Muslim.
Problems between Obama and Putin are significant, due to their personas, however, President Putin, the smaller, the “David” of the two, has an edge. In spite of Barack Obama’s experience in the rough streets of Chicago, he, President Obama, believes in playing by the Queensbury Rules while Putin continues to remain true his KGB training and under the motto of “the end justifies the means!”
Barack Obama is a capitulater as he displayed on numerous occasions since he became President. Two glaring examples are the fact that his flagship legislation, the Obamacare health law, was signed into law without its backbone, the public option, an enormous capitulation; and the fact that President Obama allowed the Bush tax cut for the rich to remain, even enlarges its scope, in spite of it being totally contrary to President Obama’s beliefs, and to his agenda. On the other side of the conflict, President Putin, from afar, does not seem to ever capitulate.
In direct confrontation between Obama and Putin, the most glaring example, setting the table, if you will. After President Obama gave an ultimatum to Bashar Assad of Syria regarding his (Assad’s) chemical weapons, President Putin stepped in to protect his client Assad, had President Obama capitulate on his red-line, and took over negotiations with Syria.
Followed were the now historical event in Crimea where President Putin demonstrated his “diplomatic” skills, no shots in anger, and Russia’s territory increase. The United States and its allies imposed sanctions on Russia’s leaders as punishment, how naïve, did they not realize that Russia’s leader, and, of course, Putin, would make provisions for such eventuality.
The United States also made noise as if it would consider supplying Europe with the gas and oil that it is getting from Russia, little did it realize that China is standing by to acquire any surplus petroleum products that Russia may have; just as it now buying Russian corn to replace US corn.
Since space is short me move on. Responding to US sanctions and other warnings, President mentioned one of his Aces that he kept in the hole: Participation in the International space station that he controls. Just think of the defense, communication, and exploration implication such a move has; a possible trump…
It appears that Putin, the David seems to have a sling-shot with a deadly missile that can penetrate any shield that the giant Obama may deploy; let us hope for the best.

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