No wonder 72% of Muslims in US approve of Obama! Israel under attack while The Obama Administration backs the attackers.

11 Jul

Hundreds of rockets are being shot at Israel by Hamas from the Gaza strip while President Obama’s emissary suggest that Israel must deal with those bound to destroy it; what a travesty.
“Philip Gordon, the White House coordinator for the Middle East and a special assistant to President Barack Obama, gave the keynote address at the Haaretz Conference on Peace in Tel Aviv yesterday. Yet rather than use the opportunity to focus on American support for Israel’s right to self-defense at a time when the very city he was speaking in was being targeted by Hamas rockets, Gordon centered his remarks on harsh criticism of the Israeli government and lavished praise on the Palestinian leader who had embraced unity with the people currently shooting at Tel Aviv and scores of other Israeli cities, towns, and villages.”
Isn’t it time for Barack Obama to support Israel, the only US ally in the Middle East? The situation is such that war is likely to break out at any time while President Obama is in Texas  enjoying BBQ at fund-raiser, does he have no shame?

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