ZIONISM/Zyonism, an all inclusive movement; not racism!

13 Apr

Zionism is all inclusive, Zionism is anything BUT racism!
An anti-Zionism Jew is an antisemite, it is Jew is an oxymoron; just as an antisemite is an anti-Zionist, there is no separation, it’s like a woman and her womb.
Zionism is a movement that was charged with establishing the Jewish State of Israel and then nurture it into a first class nation member of the global community. The first mission is fait accompli, the second is ongoing and very successful.
Looking out of the window at a park in Tel-Aviv/Yafo Israel, scores of people are enjoying a beautiful sunny Pesach (Passover) day, a few large groups of orientals, with an official looking man in religious garb blessing the individuals, and holding prayer with the groups. There are Arab Muslims with their families, and typical Israelis, some wearing scull-caps, some don’t. Earlier, a bus driver, at the bus stop, was saying his Muslim prayers before leaving the station.
This very heterogeneous crowd would land itself to John F. Kennedy’s description of America as a “melting pot,” but in a much more pragmatic manner than one finds in the US.
There are lily-white European appearing people, yellow skinned orientals, blacks, and hues and shades of the skin of many others, yet no physical separation.
Two blocks away from the park there is a shuk. It is an old traditional shuk operated by a mixture of vendors. Like the park, it is a mixture of ethnicities. There are Jewish, both European and Sephardi shopkeepers, Druze, Arabs, both Muslim and Christians, and even a few orientals; a true melting-pot in practice, not a theory.
In 1948 there were about 850,000 Jews living, and generally prospering in Arab nations of the Middle East. There are essentially no Jews in those countries now, they were driven out in 1948, without compensation for their properties, becoming the epitome of Apartheid states… In contrast, Israel, the Zionism created Jewish- state, boasts of some 20% of its population of Muslim who enjoy a quality of life superior to their brethren in the Arab nations.
Upon driving the Jews out of their countries in 1948, the Arab nations started what proved to be a successful propaganda campaign against Israel, it was able to label Zionism “evil,” and the cause of Palestinian “victims,” those who seven Arab states order out of Israel in 1948 so that they could destroy Israel without causing [Muslim] “collateral” damage. The Arab nations resorted to using Goebells techniques of repeating a lie enough time and people accept it as reality. The Arabs were able to convince many that Zionism was indeed the cause of Middle East strife because of their “Palestinians” victims; it is time to set the record straight. About 70,000 Arabs left “Palestine” at the urging of the seven Arab nations (Transjordan, Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, Yemen, Saudi Arabia) which planned to attack Israel. Those leaving were promised a quick return with the incentive of spoils of war, the Jewish properties, and wealth, that they will be able to claim; but history foiled it all, the Israeli Zionists defeated the combined forces assembled by the seven Arab nations, and the “Palestinians” became “refugees.”
In 1948 seven Arab nations kicked 850,000 Jews out of their countries, without any compensation…In 1948 at the urging of the seven Arab nations, 700,000 Arabs left Israel to become refugees that no Arab country was willing to absorb or help materially in a meaningful manner.
The only way that Zionism can be considered evil is based on Arab propaganda. Zionism, Israel, and the Jewish people NEVER took away Arab territory except enough to make its borders defensible, and that only as the result of wars they engaged in to protect itself. Never in history was a nation required to return territory it acquired in a defensive war; Israel did so with the Sinai in order to demonstrate good faith, and arrange for peace.
If anybody is a victim in the Middle East conflict it is Zionism, and its creation, Israel.
* Israel is the only country in history that the family of nations is forcing to designate a capital a city, not of its own choice. This particularly disturbing since Israel’s ancestral capital of Jerusalem had uninterrupted Jewish occupancy for over 3000 years.
* Israel is the only nation in history that was required to return land that it liberated as the result of defensive wars.
* Israel is the only country in the Middle East where all monotheist religions can be practiced with tranquility.
Let me close by suggesting that in spite of Zionism’s creation, Israel is the only functioning democracy in the Middle East, a shelter for whoever wishes to come to it, and a refuge to those who in the past were rejected by the world; Zionism, and Israel, are falsely accused of Apartheid, which is the opposite of what it is. Those in the world who push for BDS (Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions) are misguided, much of economic damage they cause is to Arab Israelis, and Arab Palestinians who generally make their living in those industries DBS covers. If you wish to punish someone for the lack of peace between Arabs and Israel, please go to the source. Until both the Palestinian Authority, and Hamas remove clauses in their Arabic (operational) mission statement that call for the destruction of mIsrael, they are the culprits; Israel is ready for peace, but peace must be a mutual act of all warring parties, and the “Palestinians” Arabs do not seem ready for such an arrangement, they want to destroy Israel, and they don’t deny it.

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