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The Zyonism creator and blog author: Dan Goor

28 Jan

Zyonism: Introduction and “mission statement:”

Zyonism, is successor to Zionism, a movement that was designed to, and then succeeded, in establishing a Jewish State in Palestine. Now that Israel is fait accompli, enhancing its standing as a viable and substantial participant in the global community, is the mission undertaken by Zyonism!

Zyonism will continue efforts to enhance the position of the State of Israel in twenty-first Century global politics; its objectives are to analyze and explore solutions to issues that affect Israel and its allies around the world.

Inasmuch as Israel, in spite of its small size, influences a non-trivial segment of international relations; Israel’s actions, as is its mere existence, represent a pivotal element in inter-nations dialogue regarding the future of a peaceful world. The fact that the word Zyonism (or Zionism) is enough to trigger rage among Arab, and other, Muslim nations, will be dealt with. A review of the matter will be done with candor, and will be utilized to explore means through which to neutralize this unfortunate, and unfounded, anger of many generations.

The Zyonism blog will also offer an insight beyond that demonstrated by the West in general, and by the Obama Administration, in particular; an insight into the likes of Iran, Libya, and Syria (to name but just a few of the more radical Islamic regimes around the world.) Having studies, and then gaining extensive practrical experience with the three principal monotheist religions, and with frequent exposure to Mid East countries, Dan Goor will offer an understanding of today’s global conflict, not previously exposed while avoiding political sensitivities. Avoiding “political correctness,” Zyonism will call a spade a spade, it will attempt to do so with total disregard to political, or national, sensitivities.

In addition to dealing with the broad picture, Zyonism will explore means for aiding some of the victims of the Israeli/Palestinian conflict; those non-combatants who suffered needlessly because of current situation.

About Dan Goor; founder of Zyonism:

Dan Goor

Dan Goor is a Physicist, author, and a Political Scientist. Dan Goor believes that there are no legitimately pure left or pure right in politics, they are all, he believes, hybrids. In many ways Goor is very liberal, in others he is quite conservative; his beliefs are based on specific issues, and on specific cases.

As a person who witnessed, participated, and therefor understands terrorist acts first hand, Goor has an in-depth understanding of ideology and religion driven terrorism (which in some cases, based on circumstances, some consider “freedom-fighting.”)

In a theses towards a Masters of Arts in Law and Diplomacy (MALD) Goor explains in some depth the working of religion driven political terrorism, an area that he not only studied, but one in which he has first hand knowledge; knowledge he acquired prior to Israel’s War of Independence.

In the Seventies, Dan Goor established and managed a computer sales and service operation in Iran, it was an Iranian company that functioned independently, but was legally a subsidiary of Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC.) Unlike most operatives in Iran at the time, Goor acquired a work permit, and was involved with all facets of the Iranian company. A distributor hired by Goor was partially owned by a son of the Shah’s twin sister, allowing Goor access to many people in high places, and to gain a significant insight into the Iranian culture of the time. Dan Goor left Iran a few months before the Shah left for America, Goor left to never return, he suggested to DEC that it terminate all operation in the country because the turmoil that he uniquely foresaw coming…. 

Dan Goor is deeply concerned by the apparent lack of loyalties to allies demonstrated by the Obama’s Administration. Alarmed by prospects of United States losing its position of authority in the Twenty-first Century, Goor will attempt to analyze those Administration actions that drives the United States away from its allies.

Of particular concern to Goor is Obama’s distancing himself from the State of Israel, the only dependable and stable ally that the United States has in the Middle East. Towards an end of curbing the growth in the chasm-of-trust that the Obama Administration created with Israel, Dan Goor will expose his readers to problems that the new, and very young American President, has caused in United States relations with many of its [historical] allies.

Not staying with allies, appears to be a trait that goes beyond that of the United States, President Obama, in his personal life, seems to also put expediency before commitments, and loyalty. The Reverend Wright, and Bill Ayer, are but two examples of that characteristic of the President. In the case of friends, it can be viewed as a character flaw, and should be dealt with accordingly; on the international arena, however, such a trait could cause severe rapture in United States foreign policy, its relations with allies, and its credibility.

Returning to who Dan Goor is, one may wish to learn that in addition to being an inventor with over thirty patents, Dan Goor is a Political Scientist with keen interest in current events. Having transferred technology to a number of “third world” countries. Through exposure, academic studies, and extensive reading, Dan Goor developed an understanding of other cultures, and learned to recognize sensitivities of other people.

His work, his studies, and the environment in which he grew-up, prompted Dan Goor to study the roots of those he fears that could have an adverse effects on his world. To that end he studies the Koran, and attended Graduate School at a fundamentalist Christian University. With a Jewish upbringing, Dan Goor has a non-trivial level of understanding of those who follow the three leading Monotheist religions.

Believing that more innocent human life has been lost through the ages in the name of religion (the Holocaust, and Islamic Jihad, to name two of the most significant culprits,) Dan Goor has studied the way various countries deal with the threat of religious driven terror. As the result of his life-long examination of religious conflict, Dan Goor is uniquely aware of some of the most effective ways to deal with such threats, and the causes of said threats.

Goor worked and studied in many countries, including some in the Middle East, Asia, Europe, and the United States. With his wife, Euphemia Patricia (Pat) Goor, Dan now lives in Colorado Springs, while he and Pat also spend about half their time in Tel-Aviv Israel.

Dan Goor earned two Masters degrees from a Harvard affiliated school (the Fletcher School,) and a degree in Physics from Colorado State University; he is also a Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Sloan Fellow. Additionally, Goor studied Physics and religion at Abilene Christian University, and completed many advanced industrial training courses.

Dan Goor’s blogs ( ; ;;;😉 are not published on a regular schedule, they are generally triggered by events, and the author’s mood.

Please view: Zyonism “mission statement,” that continues in next write-up.