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US + allies = Nuevo Imperialism: “In the name of [world] peace.” Libya, a case in point.

16 Apr

The “Nuevo-Imperialism!” Libya, a sovereign state, and a member in good standing of the United Nations, never requested external help to change its regime. The Twenty-first Century Nuevo-Imperialists took that role upon themselves, a dangerous behavior that may return the global community to hinder-years when such an unacceptable behavior was the norm for political powers of the time.

The United Nations organization does not have authority to authorize the use of force, its Security Council may have some marginal, and very limited authority to approve some military action. The Security Council authority is only a “back door,” authority; in the recent case of Libya it used its authority to approve the “protection of civilians,” a vague and very unprecise action.

Since the United States and its allies are calling for a change of regime in Libya, and because their actions are designed towards that objectives, their bombing of Libya is clearly illegal.

Additionally, had the “rebels” in Libya asked for United States, The United States Security Council, or Nato’s help, the situation might have been different. But the Libyan rebels have no face, no identity, they are neither homogeneous, nor the representatives of the Libyan people, and therefore had no legitimate authority to formally request, or receive international help for their largely undefined goals.

US and Nato activities in Libya are shades of French, Dutch, and British imperialism of old. The United States and their allies seem to feel that they have the right to determine the rights and wrongs of political regimes. George W. Bush, with Tony Blair in Iraq, followed into Afghanistan, neither were at the request of the sovereign, were a beginning of today’s “Nuevo imperialism,” which seem to guide the international behavior of the United States and it allies. No international law, norm, or rules of acceptable behavior apply to the new imperialism of the Western powers in today’s world…