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ZIONISM/Zyonism, an all inclusive movement; not racism!

13 Apr

Zionism is all inclusive, Zionism is anything BUT racism!
An anti-Zionism Jew is an antisemite, it is Jew is an oxymoron; just as an antisemite is an anti-Zionist, there is no separation, it’s like a woman and her womb.
Zionism is a movement that was charged with establishing the Jewish State of Israel and then nurture it into a first class nation member of the global community. The first mission is fait accompli, the second is ongoing and very successful.
Looking out of the window at a park in Tel-Aviv/Yafo Israel, scores of people are enjoying a beautiful sunny Pesach (Passover) day, a few large groups of orientals, with an official looking man in religious garb blessing the individuals, and holding prayer with the groups. There are Arab Muslims with their families, and typical Israelis, some wearing scull-caps, some don’t. Earlier, a bus driver, at the bus stop, was saying his Muslim prayers before leaving the station.
This very heterogeneous crowd would land itself to John F. Kennedy’s description of America as a “melting pot,” but in a much more pragmatic manner than one finds in the US.
There are lily-white European appearing people, yellow skinned orientals, blacks, and hues and shades of the skin of many others, yet no physical separation.
Two blocks away from the park there is a shuk. It is an old traditional shuk operated by a mixture of vendors. Like the park, it is a mixture of ethnicities. There are Jewish, both European and Sephardi shopkeepers, Druze, Arabs, both Muslim and Christians, and even a few orientals; a true melting-pot in practice, not a theory.
In 1948 there were about 850,000 Jews living, and generally prospering in Arab nations of the Middle East. There are essentially no Jews in those countries now, they were driven out in 1948, without compensation for their properties, becoming the epitome of Apartheid states… In contrast, Israel, the Zionism created Jewish- state, boasts of some 20% of its population of Muslim who enjoy a quality of life superior to their brethren in the Arab nations.
Upon driving the Jews out of their countries in 1948, the Arab nations started what proved to be a successful propaganda campaign against Israel, it was able to label Zionism “evil,” and the cause of Palestinian “victims,” those who seven Arab states order out of Israel in 1948 so that they could destroy Israel without causing [Muslim] “collateral” damage. The Arab nations resorted to using Goebells techniques of repeating a lie enough time and people accept it as reality. The Arabs were able to convince many that Zionism was indeed the cause of Middle East strife because of their “Palestinians” victims; it is time to set the record straight. About 70,000 Arabs left “Palestine” at the urging of the seven Arab nations (Transjordan, Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, Yemen, Saudi Arabia) which planned to attack Israel. Those leaving were promised a quick return with the incentive of spoils of war, the Jewish properties, and wealth, that they will be able to claim; but history foiled it all, the Israeli Zionists defeated the combined forces assembled by the seven Arab nations, and the “Palestinians” became “refugees.”
In 1948 seven Arab nations kicked 850,000 Jews out of their countries, without any compensation…In 1948 at the urging of the seven Arab nations, 700,000 Arabs left Israel to become refugees that no Arab country was willing to absorb or help materially in a meaningful manner.
The only way that Zionism can be considered evil is based on Arab propaganda. Zionism, Israel, and the Jewish people NEVER took away Arab territory except enough to make its borders defensible, and that only as the result of wars they engaged in to protect itself. Never in history was a nation required to return territory it acquired in a defensive war; Israel did so with the Sinai in order to demonstrate good faith, and arrange for peace.
If anybody is a victim in the Middle East conflict it is Zionism, and its creation, Israel.
* Israel is the only country in history that the family of nations is forcing to designate a capital a city, not of its own choice. This particularly disturbing since Israel’s ancestral capital of Jerusalem had uninterrupted Jewish occupancy for over 3000 years.
* Israel is the only nation in history that was required to return land that it liberated as the result of defensive wars.
* Israel is the only country in the Middle East where all monotheist religions can be practiced with tranquility.
Let me close by suggesting that in spite of Zionism’s creation, Israel is the only functioning democracy in the Middle East, a shelter for whoever wishes to come to it, and a refuge to those who in the past were rejected by the world; Zionism, and Israel, are falsely accused of Apartheid, which is the opposite of what it is. Those in the world who push for BDS (Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions) are misguided, much of economic damage they cause is to Arab Israelis, and Arab Palestinians who generally make their living in those industries DBS covers. If you wish to punish someone for the lack of peace between Arabs and Israel, please go to the source. Until both the Palestinian Authority, and Hamas remove clauses in their Arabic (operational) mission statement that call for the destruction of mIsrael, they are the culprits; Israel is ready for peace, but peace must be a mutual act of all warring parties, and the “Palestinians” Arabs do not seem ready for such an arrangement, they want to destroy Israel, and they don’t deny it.

ISRAEL, as the Jewish state was to include Judea and Samaria; the “Brits” messed that up!

4 Dec

Price Fiesal, the most important spokesperson for the Arab world at the time, in 1918 stated: “Palestine to the Jews, Arabia to the Arabs!” The British holders of a League of Nations mandate on the area, in order to appease the oil rich Arab nations took upon themselves to violet the Mandate and made a mess of things.

The British while holding the League of Nations Mandate for Palestine, without ANY legal authority split Trans Jordan (now Jordan) from the part of Palestine that was designated to shared between the Arab and Jews; Judea and Samaria were clearly to be a part of the Jewish state.
Prince Feisal, the most important Arab voice of the time, in 1918 said: “Palestine to the Jews, Arabia to the Arabs.”
As usual the British authorities screwed up a number of Middle Eastern nation that they had temporary stewardship over. For example the eight year Iran Iraq war, and the India Pakistan wars were in large part due to botched boundaries by British authorities.
There is little or no doubt that the international community intended Judea, and Samaria were intended to be a part of the Jewish state, now called Israel.

No wonder 72% of Muslims in US approve of Obama! Israel under attack while The Obama Administration backs the attackers.

11 Jul

Hundreds of rockets are being shot at Israel by Hamas from the Gaza strip while President Obama’s emissary suggest that Israel must deal with those bound to destroy it; what a travesty.
“Philip Gordon, the White House coordinator for the Middle East and a special assistant to President Barack Obama, gave the keynote address at the Haaretz Conference on Peace in Tel Aviv yesterday. Yet rather than use the opportunity to focus on American support for Israel’s right to self-defense at a time when the very city he was speaking in was being targeted by Hamas rockets, Gordon centered his remarks on harsh criticism of the Israeli government and lavished praise on the Palestinian leader who had embraced unity with the people currently shooting at Tel Aviv and scores of other Israeli cities, towns, and villages.”
Isn’t it time for Barack Obama to support Israel, the only US ally in the Middle East? The situation is such that war is likely to break out at any time while President Obama is in Texas  enjoying BBQ at fund-raiser, does he have no shame?

US Middle East, and other foreign policy, in shambles:

3 Apr

The United States never did have a very enlightened policy in the Middle East, but the Barack Obama Administration treatment of the region is the epitome of failures.
The US under Obama encouraged and helped in ousting Mubarak, and then, perhaps unwittingly, supported the rise to power of the Muslim Brotherhood. The rest of the mess in Egypt is well known.
Under Hillary Clinton’s inept guidance, the United States “led from behind” at Arab Springs, a move towards enhancing Sharia law in North Africa, a move she mistook as on for democratization.
Then Mrs. Clinton declared Assad a “true reformer” and did not have the United States support a legitimate rebellion allowing it to turn into a real religious civil war in Syria. The war in Syria caused some 5,000,000 refugees to mostly enter Jordan and Lebanon, to never return to Syria, and to likely completely change the geo-politics of the region.
The war in Syria, as is the mess in Egypt, is very likely to reduce the minimal possibility of a “two-state” solution from faltering, to failing. The situation in the area would likely get the West Bank to be annexed to Jordan, Gaza to Egypt, while the Golan to remain, and the Bekaa Valley will become a part of Israel.
One should note that in the three years of the Syrian rebellion more than 100,000 Arab Syrians were killed, and Five million refugees were made to flee the country of Syria; in both areas the numbers are scored higher than the total deaths of Arabs in the one hundred year old Jewish Arab conflict is the area!
Yes, US foreign policy as led by Lady Hillary, Sir John, and King Barack did not make the United States proud with their actions regarding the Middle East.

Will Islam join the global community, or dominate the world?

23 Feb

Of the three Abrahamic religions Gospels only the Koran spells out (at the beginning of every Surah/chapter) that it is Allah’s last word to the human race and that it can never be changed. In Islam there is no “second coming,” and no allowances are made for adaptation to a dynamic changing world.
In contrast to the two other monotheist religions which had undergone many changes to adapt to a dynamic world, the Koran, and Islam, remained stagnant, and in large part, violent.
Until 9/11/2001, in spite of much strife, Muslims were left alone because most of their mayhem was internal. For example, we, in the West, are not terribly disturbed by Assad killing of well over 100,000 Syrians, but we are concerned about 77 dead in the Ukraine.
Muslims who live by the letter, cannot modify Koranic instruction, yet the fact that many Muslims now live in Western countries may be encouraging, and may eventually force their hands. Most of Europe, and parts of the United States, are seeing influx of Islam. Upon a close observation, and in spite conflict with strict religious rules, one can now see measurable Islamic assimilation into non-Muslim societies where they live.
Is Islam a dangerous religion? Of course it is, just look at Syria! Nearly five millions refugees were dumped on the region in the last three years, this “change in population distribution,” will eventually change the geography of the Middle East, and global balance of power. Then there is Egypt that elected, but quickly forced out, a radical Islamic government. Even the virtual (yet to exist) “Palestine” is divided by two authorities, one democratically elected radical Islamic government, the other a semi-secular one.
America’s political correctness towards Muslims is very short-sighted and dangerous. One cannot doubt that in spite of the Koran calling for “world domination,” the day will come when Muslims will become integrated in the global community.
In the meantime, United States foreign policy is so misguided that the chasm with Islam is widening rather than narrowing. Hillary Clinton’s supporting the United States effort to “lead from behind” at Arab Springs, was a boost for expanding Sharia law in North Africa. Supporting the removal of Mubarak was another boost to Islamic law, and then Mrs. Clinton calling Bashar Assad a “true reformer,” a declaration that kept the US from supporting what started as a very promising nationalistic and secular rebellion in Syria, to loose its initial effectiveness.
Next there is Iran. President Obama who seems intimidated by anything Muslim is allowing Iran to walk all over the United States. Iran is a [radical] Islamic Republic controlled by an Ayatollah (an emissary of Allah) whose first goal is to dominate the Islamic world, and then the rest of the world. In spite of being Shiite (20% of Islam,) and non-Arab, Iran is following the Koranic directive towards world domination. The nuclear bomb that Iran is developing is designed to first become leader of the whole Islamic Middle East, it already started with Iraq, Syria, and “Palestine’s” Hamas.
The most important question about the Islamic world has to do with its integration into the global community; will it integrate, or will it try to dominate? Since it is unlikely that Iran will have a functioning nuclear bomb before President Obama leaves office, and because it is relatively certain that whoever follow the President into office will not allow the likes of Iran, a third world country, to push the United States around, a case of “the tail wagging the dog,” Islamic domination is unlikely to become reality.
Does this mean that the Islamic World will fall in line and be essentially integrated into the global community? The answer is yes!
The follow-up question: When?
My answer: Not in my lifetime, not in my lifetime!

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Hillary: Hiding behind Benghazi…

28 Jan

In a recent interview, Hillary Clinton suggested that the Benghazi fiasco was the thing she regretted the most during her stint as Secretary of State, it should not be!

Since Benghazi is heavily scrutinized, and will likely to remain under the microscope until the 2016 election, it is a smart move for Mrs. Clinton to discuss it rather than to have the opposition have the lead. Yes, the Benghazi situation was horrible, from mismanagement, to cover-up, to the callous statements in front of Congress, but it was not her major failure at State.

Declining relations with many allies, from Poland, to Gulf nations, and even with Israel. But there are worse yet: Leading from behind at Arab Springs, a movement to shore up Sharia law in North Africa, to declaring Bashar Assad a “true reformer,” keeping away aid to the rbels and largely contributing to well over 100,000 Syrian civilians slaughtered, and 4,000,000+ Syrian refurgees dumped on the region, a situation that will change the geo-political alignment of the region, forever; likely keeping a “two-state” solution for the Israeli/Arab conflict from ever happening.

Yes, indeed, Mrs. Clinton your Benghazi handling was terrible, but your other blunder as Secretary of State clearly disqualify you as the person to answer the red-phone at 3:00AM, or at any other time.

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Why delay Afghanistan departure? Staying one more day = zero sum loss!

18 Jan

“Since the Obama Administration forfeited Afghanistan to the Taliban and other Islamic groups, a decision which much like leaving Iraq too soon, and Syria red-line fiasco will allow Iran to control the Middle East on the way to becoming the leaser of the Islamic World, why stay any longer?.
Consistent with Secretary Gates words, the regional wars were converted from trying to have some US impact on the the Muslim part of the Middle East, to an effort to appease the US electorate.
Since the decision to leave Afghanistan soon is made, why not simply start immediately, since leaving American troops in harm’s way with a political, or military objective will simply results in dead American for no reason whatsoever.
Starting with the “leading from behind,” at Arab Springs, a move towards the expansion Sharia law that Hillary Clinton mistook as a move towards democratization, following by the capitulation on the Syria red line, then the “humble-pie” with Iran, the United State, under President Obama, is handing over the Islamic ME to Iran to control.
The idea of getting the US out of Afghanistan now, not later, is imperative. Even Sunni countries in the region fear [Shiite] Iran’s gaining control. They fear it so much that the following adage applies: “My enemy’s enemy is my friend,” resulting in Israel having tacit permission to use Saudi airspace should it decide to rid the world of Iran’s nukes.
The message to President Obama, get out of Afghanistan now! Not later, but now!”

Syria, is the conflict a divine message for the Middle East?

7 Dec

The Middle East (ME) a region full of misunderstandings-based conflicts; a hub in world instabilities. The United States misunderstanding of the region is of much like that of the British nation even when much of the area was under its control.
Most of ME conflicts had their roots in it oil richness, that reason is closely followed by religious.
The oil issue is easily understandable, oil means energy, and energy is what fuels the economies of civilization.
The religious issues have several different causes. The most recent and most visible to the international community is that of Islamic nations against Israel. The Islam conflict with Israel is quite young in historical terms, even though the issue between Jew and Muslims has its roots in the Quran, and is therefore as old as that book, or about 1400 years. The Quran consider Jews: “Of apes and swines, to be despised and rejected (5:60).” The book refers to Jews “as people of the book,” is suggests that Allah wished for them to be “his” people and that because they rejected him, they must be either converted, or otherwise destroyed. Present day extension of the conflict has two distinct phases. At the late nineteen hundreds, Jews started to move into Palestine, the Arabs in the country rejected that move thus started to conflict. Much of Palestinian Arab leadership even sided with Hitler; it so much hated the Jews.
The second, and present phase started in 1948 with the establishment of the State OF Israel.
The other major conflict, much larger in scope, and one that spans the globe is an internal conflict within Islam. Islam has two major segments, Sunni (80%) and Shiite (20%) there are also subsets of the two major unites, Alawit (Assad’s religious affiliation) is a sub-set of the Shiite part of Islam.
Briefly, the magnitude of the Arab Israeli conflict versus those within Islam is staggering. For example, Hafez al Assad (the father of today’s’ Syrian leader) was responsible for killing 60,000 Syrians; Bashar Assad already is responsible for well over 120,000 deaths of Syrians; in comparison, from 1989 to now, less than suicide bombers killed one thousand Israelis. These numbers are actually a case of apples and oranges since there are 7,000,000 inhabitants in Israel and there are one thousand as many Muslims in the Muslim countries that are in Israel’s neighborhood.
Let us look at the present Syrian conflict and its impact on the region. The conflict, which started nearly three years ago as a national, mostly secular conflict through a push by Syria’s intelligentsia, had a strong beginning with the element of surprise on its side. The rebels, however, in order to make their efforts a surprise, were not able to organize, or equip themselves very well since they counted on United States support to be consistent with US support of democratization in the region.
To the rebels’ surprise, under Hillary Clinton’s who considered Bashar Assad “a true reformer,” the US decided to stay on the sidelines.
Without US support for the rebels, the Syrians regime, with the help of Russia (state-of-the-art equipment and advisers,) and Iran (personnel, direct and with Hezbollah,) and equipment, was able to rebound, overcome the surprise, and delay what would have been the inevitable ouster of Assad. As the regime (Shiite based,) Syria’s Sunni brethren, mostly Saudi Arabia and the Gulf states started to help the rebels, but with their helps a large element of al Qaeda also entered the fray, and a real regional religious war emerged.
What will happen after the war ends? Who is going to win?
Let us start by saying that predicting the outcome of the war is not yet possible. So let us take a quick look at the two potential scenarios, and in a little more detail at the end results, which would likely be quite similar of, regardless who wins or looses.
If the regime wins, it would likely have to do so without Assad at the head since the international community is already on record as rejecting his legitimacy. Presiding over Syria under such circumstances would be an Iranian appointed puppet, while the military would be headed by, and include a large Hezbollah contingency. It would likely have a Supreme Leader who will likely be an Ayatollah. In this scenario, Russia will remain strong influence on the country’s future.
Should the rebels win, Syria would also become a highly religious entity but under Sunni leadership. Under such circumstances the Saudis will have a great deal to say about the country leadership, its military would have a large al Qaeda element.
Whatever the outcome, United States influence would diminish!
Effects on the region, on the Middle East. Since about four million Syrians would have left Syria by the time the conflict ends, and very few will return, demographics of the region will change. Lebanon: some a million and a half, to two million Syrians, mostly Sunnis will remain in Lebanon. With Hezbollah a strong element in Lebanon, and Shiite, new religious conflicts within Lebanon, a struggle for control will ensue.
Half a million or about that many refugees in Turkey may not have a great influence on the future of that country, but as the result of the conflict and fringe events, it is very likely the a sovereign Kurdistan will emerge.
Jordan: With well over a million refugees Jordan will suffer. Since there are already more foreigners (Palestinians) in Jordan than are Jordanians, adding numerous Syrians will very likely weaken the already vulnerable monarchy, a shakedown of national control would very possibly result.
In addition to a sovereign Kurdistan one can count on the Golan Heights remaining permanent part of Israel, and so will likely be the Baaka Valley.
Since the long suffering Kurds who were deprived of their own land for a very long time are likely to get their own sovereign nation, and Israel should have enhanced security on its northern border, while the situation in Jordan should help determine the fate of the Palestinians, as a nation, or as part of a new Jordan. Could helping historically oppressed people suggest that the Syrian conflict was just another case of divine intervention?

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Several billion $$ to Iran for diversion from 24/7 coverage of Obamacare: Or, America the prostitute, selling what is right for what is expedient!

25 Nov

Several billion $$ to Iran for diversion from 24/7 coverage of Obamacare: Or, America the prostitute, selling what is right for what is expedient!

What a disgrace. Just three weeks ago, on November 4, 2013, Iran’s Supreme Commander, the Ayatollah Ali Khamenei declared that America was the most hated country in the world! On the same day the Supreme Leader led a chant by large crowds in Tehran: “Death to America!”
In three weeks the Supreme Leader changed his view and has a good faith agreement with the same “hated” Americans; to those who accept that premise, I have a bridge in Brooklyn that I’ll sell you cheap!
The deal was brewing for several months in secret, a deal that the Obama Administration can use to further its [political] interests; a few million in relief on sanctions for a “deal” the Administration can use for various political ends, as it turned out, a G-d sent situation that would allow the Administration to divert attention away from the 24/7 media coverage of the miserably failing Obamacare, what a disgusting selling out what is right for what is expedient!

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Obama, the master of diversion; the Iran ruse, a cover-up?

24 Nov

A ruse, is a ruse, is a ruse! And the Iran agreement is just that, a ruse! Since 2012 the Obama Administration has been holding “secret” discussion with Iran preparing a “deal” that can be used when major diversion from major issues that hurt President Obama and his Administration. The ACA with its 24/7 media coverage was just such a problem.
My many years with Iran suggest that we have another ruse on our hand; this view is also consistent with the Obama’s Administration being masters of distractions, and diversions.
Most recently, when President Obama capitulated on the Syria red line and was made to look foolish by Putin who shoved him aside to take over the negotiation. The following snubs by the Iranians at the United Nation filled the news 24/7, then the Government shutdown, and the complete diversion that Obama could have stopped with a stroke of a pen. His delay of ACA now would have kept the shutdown from happening.
Now the big mess surrounding ACA has been getting 24/7 media coverage; out of the hat comes a deal with Iran…A ploy, a joke, within weeks it will be exposed for what it is, a ruse!
Notable diversion by the Obama Administration:
Benghazi, failed diversion using some obscure ant0Islm movie.
Syria’s red-line and negotiation and the snubs by Iran at the UN, the Government shut-down
Obamacare (ACA), a ruse Iran deal
What a devious Commander in Chief (C.i.C.) we have, what a divisive Government!