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Of Snowden: A hero, or a Goat? Let his peers judge when all facts are in!

4 Nov

In many cases, to some a terrorist is a criminal, to others, the same person may be a freedom fighter, or a hero, if you will. There is no doubt that nations do, and must keep some state secrets, but who is to judge if said secrets are indeed justified? Who is to judge if they harm the populous?
What Snowden did might have been illegal, but Thomas Jefferson in his wisdom made it clear that challenging authority was to be a part of the Nation that he helped “shape,” and that challenges are actually to be a part of the system.
There is a very thin line between first amendments right, and criminal violation of “state secrets.” The big question, who is to draw that line? Is it the authority being challenged, or the person challenging that authority?
In the case of Snowden, more of the nature of what was leaked should be known, and then, and only then, a jury of his peer should decide if he is a hero, or a villain…

Syria’s conflict WILL end with new Middle East Geography! Emerging: Kurdistan, two Lebanons, no”Palestine:”

26 Sep

The conflict in Syria WILL end with geographic re-alignment of the region, the details are not yet relevant. For example, many the three or more million Syrian refugees will not return to Syria; where and how do they end? Kurds will insist and will likely end up with their own country (parts of Syria, Turkey, Iraq.)
There will no legitimate Syria (the US and most others will not accept Assad, Russia and Iran would not allow a Sunni sovereign, what a mess…) to hand the Golan Heights back to, it WILL thus remain Israeli territory in perpetuity.
With the wholesale re-alignment there will likely no room for new “Palestine” as a separate new country, part will likely be annexed to Jordan, part to Egypt, providing the Egypt government structure ever gets settled.
And there is Lebanon with enhanced Hezbollah influence and about a million and a half Syrian added to its highly heterogeneous population, what a challenge that will cause; perhaps a split into two countries, one Christian, the other Muslim…”
Lebanon would likely split into a muslim (to the north,) and Chriswtian (to the south, bordering with Israel,) contries, Hezbollah would likley control the Islamic client state of Iran, and Russia.
And the remaining Syria, an enigma! Will it be Sunni with significant al Qaeda, and Saudi influence, or will it become more moderate, too early to tell…

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America losing relevance in the Middle East…

22 Sep

The United States is not a homogeneous country; it is only as smart as is its leadership and any given time. Under Barak Obama, at least while Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State, the US was totally ignorant about matters dealing with the Islamic world. Mrs. Clinton thought that she could charm her way, and President Obama felt that his formative years among Muslims would put him in good stead.
Both Obama and Mrs. Clinton were wrong! Rather than to study the Islamic World and recognize that it is a multi-faceted entity, they tried misused American ideology. They supported Arab Springs, the overthrow of Mubarak, and Mrs. Clinton suggested that Bashar Assad was a “true reformer.”
America with today’s leadership is not only not smart, it is a very stupid country when it comes to dealing with Muslims…Interestingly enough it is also quite impotent when it comes to dealing with Israel, the Muslim Middle East neighbors.
Unless there is a rude awakening by and in the United States, and a very new and more intelligent direction it will become more irrelevant with every day that goes by!

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President Obama’s Syria Posture, the Epitome of incompetence; and Betrayal of Allies!

1 Sep

President Obama Syria Posture, the Epitome of incompetence; and Betrayal of Allies!

After a convincing speech by Secretary of State Kerry on August 30, 2013; a good explanation why the US must take urgent action against Syria, the President of the United States, Barak Hussein Obama, on August 31, 2013, ‘a day that will live in infamy,’ destroyed United States credibility as a leader of the free world, as a Nation that can be trusted to maintain balance in today’s turmoil of a worlds.
President Obama proposed to the Nation that he will throw a stone at a hornet’s nest and stand by to see the results.
President Obama Syrian posture is tantamount to retreat (as Syrian papers reported,) and verging on treason by violating a trust to the US, and its allies, mostly Jordan and Israel in this case.

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Obama’s symbolic Syria action betrayal of Isreal and other allies.

30 Aug

Should President Barak Obama elect for a symbolic action in Syria, and not take control of Syria’s chemical arsenal, the American President would be betraying Israel and other allies in the region.
Bahar al-Assad already said that US action would bring about retaliation, starting with Tel Aviv, Turkey, and Jordan will also likely feel Assad’s ire, as US troops in the region.

Humiliation is the least of our worries! This, Shawn, is a very serious matter not only for the United States, but also, for the whole “civilized” world.
Not to bore you audience more than necessary let me deal with the problem, and then follow with the background.
If President Obama does anything short of gaining control of Syria’s chemicals, if he only make a symbolic gesture by air strikes, he would be putting about a quarter of a million American troops in [an unnecessary] harms-way, while betraying our allies, starting with Israel, and moving on to Turkey, Jordan, and Iraq.
President Bashar al-Assad is already on record that United State action will result in missiles in Tel Aviv.
I must agree that President Obama is “between the Rock and the hard place,” but then whoever said that the job of President is an east job.
The main difficulty may well be that to control Syria’s chemical weapons and delivery systems would likely require boots on the ground, likelt a short-tern action, but never-the-less, the dreaded “boots on the ground.”
Syria is rich with history, a major contributor to human knowledge and culture. The country has a large intelligentsia, one of the secular, nationalistic forces behind the present rebellion.
Since President Obama, and Hillary Clinton, after recovering from the Arab Springs fiasco, decided to stand on the sidelines at Syria when the revolt started. Those who started the rebellion expected Unites States support since their action was consistent with America’s policy of “democratization.”
Early on the rebels had a good level of success due to the element of surprise. While that was happening, Iran, including its surrogates Hezbollah, and Hamas, and with equipment, and advisers from Russia, gave Assad help. Since Assad was regaining his posture through help from Iran, and its Shii surrogates, Syria Sunni neighbors had to enter the fray on side of the rebels. The Sunni aid from Saudi Arabia, with some al Qaeda elements, changed the complexion of the conflict into a religious war.
Assad has the largest chemical weapons arsenal in the world, the regime also have delivery systems that can reach United States troops on the Gulf, in Turkey, in Jordan, and on the Mediterranean.
Short of United States control of Syria’s chemicals, a disaster is likely to occur, neither of the two warring parties in Syria are dependable parties to trust with Syria’s chemicals.
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was Islam a force in Hillary Clinton’s State Department?

19 Aug

There is essentially no doubt that Hillary Clinton’s foreign policy regarding Islam was flawed; beyond just incompetence. Insisting that Mubarak resign while nearly everyone in the know; realized; that his resignation would mean an early take-over by the Muslim Brotherhood. The support of Arab Springs appears on the surface as an unwitting; move to remove a dictator; it was; known to most season observers that move was designed advance the cause of Sharia law. Was Hillary Clinton over her head, or was Hillary Clinton being manipulated by those with Islamic sympathies. The same in Syria, how much conflict of interest was there in the Hillary Clinton State Department!

What a horrible background of Hillary Clinton is being exposed to the public. It seems that the lady from Arkansas likes to cover-up what she does, and in the case of Benghazi even to tell Congress that the three lives lost due to her incompetent management “did not matter any more.” What a callous human.
If Mrs. Clinton was more open, she might have realized that “leading from behind,” at Arab Springs was meant; to advance Sharia law in the region. She made that her own crusade causing irreparable damage to numerous North, and Central African countries, and to the Middle East.
There is another issue of concern in the special case of Huma Abedin, a practicing Muslim. Being at the right hand of Secretary Clinton who was managing efforts of the United States in Muslim countries, Abedin could represent a very serious problem. The Quran edicts that to be a Muslim your top priority, your uncompromising loyalty, must be only to Allah; it must bed unwavering!
The employment arrangement notwithstanding, how about the loyalty to Allah, versus that to the United States? This is no laughing matter. At a time when Secretary Clinton decided to have the United States stand on the sideline at the rebellion in Syria, a conflict generally between Shii (Assad’s side,) and Sunni (the rebels, Saudi, and al Qaeda,) how much did Abedin, the Muslim aide, have to do with the Secretary’s decisions?
Where there is smoke, there is fire!”

Obama Syria plan puts 250.000 US troops in harm’s way!

19 Jun

Obama to hand Syria’s Chems. to either al Qaeda or Iran/Hezbollah!

Trying for a repeat 200,000 performance in Berlin, while speaking of long-term issues, President Obama is avoiding severe short-term issues with potentially deadly consequences.

Suggesting to arm the Syrian rebels is tantamount to handing over to radical Sunnis, a group led by al Qaeda, may not be a prudent step towards improving the security of the Free World.
Since Assad has the largest arsenal of chemical weapons in the world with delivery systems that can reach US troops in the Gulf, Turkey, Jordan, and on the Med.
Should US help aid the rebels, the Sunni side win, Syria would be controlled by extreme Islamism, and it is likely that al Qaeda would control a chemical weapons arsenal that can reach some quarter of a million American troops. If the Assad side wins, Syria would become a Shii control elements, with Iran and Hezbollah controlling the large chemical arsenal that can reach the same number of American troops, and Israel, their mortal enemies.
Short of American troops on the ground to take control of the chemical weapons, Syria would become a source of immediate threat to numerous American troops.
This is a clear case of: “Clear and Present Danger,” while the United States may have a Commander in Chief (C.i.C.) who does not have the internal fortitude to commit American troops to an unavoidable source of danger to numerous American, and allies lives.

With Nuevo-Syria

18 Jun

With Nuevo-Syria:
The New Syria: Regional alignment without Arab Palestine!
Present Syrian civil war transformed itself from an ideological desire by many Syrians, led by the intelligentsia, to have a democracy that can draw on the country rich cultural history.
Those who started the revolution believed that because their was a goal that the West desired, risked starting undermanned, with sparse resources, and ill-funded; they expected that the West would duplicate its quick action behind Arab Springs, but the West, namely the United States, decided to stay on the sidelines.
Hillary Clinton, the stellar Secretary of State of the United States, just learned that when she supported to policy of “leading from behind” in Libya she actually supported a move towards the expansion of Sharia Law in North Africa. Secretary Clinton misread the Arab Springs movement to be for democratization, and her horrible misjudgment made her gun-shy when it came to supporting the rebellion in Libya.
While the United States was on the sidelines, Iran, the Shii nation that it is, backed up by the opportunist Putin of Russia were shoring up President Assad. Among other things, Iran arranged for Hezbollah fighter to support Assad’s effort.
With the outside help, Assad was able to overcome the early surprise advantage that the rebels enjoyed at the onset of their rebellion. Seeing that the tide was turning, Sunni Gulf states, led by the Saudis started to aid the rebels, but transformed the rebellion to a Sunni move, and supplied al Qaeda troops to aid the rebellion.
Regardless of what side wins, Assad will not remain in office, he outlived his ability to govern Syria. If his side wins, a Shii nation will emerge, a sworn enemy of Israel, and the United States. But as the war continues, and casualties and refugees grow, the situation looms so large that the world, and the region starts to downplay the plight of the Palestinians.
In the two-year revolt in Syria, more refugees were dumped on the region than in the one-hundred-year Jewish/Palestinians conflict. The rapid increase in Syrian refuges will likely drown the Palestinians refugees since the host countries are not sympathetic to the Palestinians. Should the conflict continue for another year, or two, the whole Palestinian issue might well become a sub-set of the new Syria whatever it may be?
Since by historical measures Palestinian Arabs are but Syrian who are recent immigrants to the region, it would be a fitting development to see Palestinians absorbed by regional Arab nations, the New Syria, Jordan, and Egypt. The Syrian conflict, if it drags on long enough may cause an interesting re-alignment of the region, without an Arab Palestine. And since there never was a sovereign Palestine, the region may remain true to history.
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In Syria, the US is: “A day late and a dollar shy!”

30 May

America’s foreign policy in the Middle East is DOA. The Palestinians continue to reject US initiatives, the Syrian rebels essentially ignore US overtures, and North Africa, as the result of the famous “leading from behind” at Arab Springs effort, is in turmoil.
The President Obama/Hillary Clinton’s foreign policy rivals that of Collin Powell and Candoleeza Rice under George W. Bush, in its inadequacy. GWB started wars in Iraq and Afghanistan he did get rid of Sadam Hussein, a very worthy cause, but it was not worth the thousands of lost American lives.
Hillary Clinton’s policy is most visible because of the Benghazi fiasco and its cover-up, but Benghazi was not its major failing. “Leading from behind,” at Arab Springs was an efforts that helped Sharia law expand in North African and the Middle East, and that started an ever expanding new religious conflict in the region.
Most damning decision, however, was the decision to stand on the sideline of the Syrian rebellion. Early on, the rebels the secular nationalists rebels had the upper hand; with United States help they might have won. But then, Iran and its surrogates in the region, and Russia, started to support Assad, the rebels lost their edge.
Iran entered the fray under the excuse of helping its Shii brethren, Russia entered with no illusions, and it entered in order to expand its world influence.
At that point, the Saudi jumped in to help their Sunni relation, with their help came al Qaeda elements, while the conflict turned into a religious war.
The United States recent decision to aid the rebels, prompted the Russians to counter with advanced technology that would makes US and its allies effort much more difficult.
With the internal conflict turning into a major religious war, and with external forces starting to determine the direction of the civil war that the conflict is now, a protracted and very bloody war should be anticipated.
Assad’s actions already dumped well over a million refugees on the region, dwarfing the Palestinians’ refugee problem, while Assad already slaughtered many more Arabs civilians than were killed in the one-hundred year Jewish (Israeli)/Arab conflict, and the numbers are mounting.
Putin in using Syria as a stepping-stone towards regaining Russia’s lost status as a “super-power,” Iran is using the situation to try to become the official leader of Shii Islam, while the rebels that started a movement towards improving Syria lot, are now simply trying to get rid of Assad without defined future plans.
The procrastination by the United States might have been due to its realization that it jumped too soon into the Arab Springs conflict failing to realize that the two are totally a similar. Supporting the Syrian rebellion might have led to a secular democracy; while Arab Springs was design from the onset to enhance Sharia world expansion plans.
The United States entry, with EU backing may well be too late to salvage anything positive from the situation in Syria. Just removing Assad may prove as meaningless as removing Gaddafi, Or Mubarak, the US alliance is probably”: A day late and a dollar short!”

Did US Syria policy conribute to the conflict turning into religious war?

12 May

The Syrian civil war has already turned into a religious regional conflict. There are well over one million Syrian refugees in the region, and the number civilians slaughtered is approaching 100,000, many more than all casualties during the one hundred year Israeli Arab conflict.
The handling of the situation in Syria by the United States allowed a legitimate secular nationalistic movement to be turned into a religious civil war. Hillary Clinton’s policy of attending on the sidelines allowed Iran and Russia to help Assad turn the tide resulting in what is now a religious regional conflict that will expand.
“Leading from behind at Arab Springs,” were a horrible mistake; the Benghazi fiasco may not have been as bad, but was more visible, but Syria!
As Secretary of State Hillary Clinton made very bad calls, but Syria is going to prove to be the worst of them all. Standing on the sidelines when a nationalistic and secular rebellion began was a terrible error. Not helping the rebellion allowed Russia and Iran to shore up Bashar Assad, and caused the conflict to grow. It also allowed the Saudis to give the rebels some help, but with that came the introduction of al Qaeda into the equation.
The Syrian conflict is not over; there is an issue with chemical weapons, with long-range missiles (that can reach about 260,000 US troops on the Gulf,) and the effect on the Kurds, Turkey, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, and Israel.
The incident in Turkey is only one of many, the Syrian situation will have lasting affects on all countries in the region, and on the national interests of the United States. The Obama/Hillary Clinton Middle East dogma has proven, and is continuing to prove to be disastrous!

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