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CAIR role: Explain how Quran violence can be reconciled with peaceful Muslims!

7 May

CAIR has a point, but it also has a much bigger challenge than to deal with a few cases of hate crimes against Muslims.

If CAIR, and the general Muslim community, wishes to have Muslims treated as equals in the United States, images of the World Trade Center, 9/11, Fort Hood, Benghazi, and the Boston Marathon massacre, must be put into some reasonable perspective. Our Government and most politicians blame these evil deeds on “radical Islam,” but to the man-in-the-street, there seem to be no distinction between radical, and other Muslims.

To those who take the trouble to read the Quran, which, unlike the other monotheist Bibles, states that it is “the final word,” (of the Divine,) and is not subject to moderation, CAIR must find a way to explain how one can be a Muslim, live by Quranic law, and be non-violent.

CAIR’s, and whoever else is interested, role is of not going after those who perpetrate crimes against Muslims, but to prevent those crimes from happening. CAIR must move forward by explaining how Muslims can reconcile the violence advocated by the Quran, and being peaceful members of an infidel society that the Quran would like to eliminate. 

CAIR’s real challenge is not to protect Muslims in the United States, but to make sure they (Muslims) do not need protection, that they are accepted as equals to others. The role is tough since in the global arena most terrorist acts are done in the name of Islam, most killing of civilians are by Muslims killing Muslims (as well as a few infidels, on the way,) and that a large number of internationally prominent Islamic leaders are on record calling for violent behavior by their followers.

There are no Palestinians!

21 Mar

The United Nations accepted “Palestine” as an observer state, a combined entity of Gaza and the West Bank (WB.) Gaza is ruled by the democratically elected Hamas, rockets we lobbed at Israeli civilians from that territory while President Obama was on a State visit to Israel. Since Gaza according to the “Palestinians,” and the United Nations, is a part of “Palestine,” should President Obama reprimand Mahmud Abbas for the rocket attack?
Since Abbas does not control Gaza, which means that there is no single entity called “Palestine,” one must realize that President Obama is not visiting the “Palestinians,” but that in reality he is visiting the “West-Bankians…”
Since there never were an Arab Palestine, it is very unlikely that on will emerge in the 21st Century!
Abbas and his people claim that Israeli settlements are holding back peace talks, that is a “red herring!” What is holding up peace talks is the fact that major “Palestinian” fractions, Fatah (in the Arabic language,) and Hamas have clauses in their carter calling for the destruction of Israel. Until those clauses are removed, Israel should not negotiate with any “Palestinians,” and President Obama should make that point, in public.

10 Mar

“The constitution shall never be construed…to prevent the people of the United States who are peaceable citizens from keeping their own arms.” Alexander Hamilton
Alexander Hamilton did not “arms” to mean AK-47’s, or Uzi’s, oreven repeating rifles…


“The constitution shall never be construed…to prevent the people of the United States who are peaceable citizens from keeping their own arms.”                                Alexander Hamilton

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2013 Obama Israel visit @ Jerusalem its capital. An Imperative: Obama must order US Embassy to Jerusalem.

20 Feb

2013 Obama Israel visit @ Jerusalem its capital. An imperative: Obama must order US Embassy to Jerusalem.
Obama’s planned 2013 visit to Israel could be an event of historical significance.
Barak Obama is not viewed as a friend of Israel even though during his first term the young American President supplied Israel with more needed military goods than did any President before him. Will President Obama will take this opportunity and mend the fences that need fixing, or will he hold a hard-line since he will not require the Jewish votes any more?
There is a great deal to say about the visit, an I shall follow with more posts; this post, however is going to deal with the Jerusalem issue.
Never, throughout history had a sovereign nation’s capital not accepted by other nations; Israel is the only country made to deal with such issue. The United States Congress is on record, and passed resolutions to require that the United State Embassy in Israel be moves to Jerusalem, that action is yet to be taken.
Facts on the ground are that Jerusalem has been the capital of the “Jewish people,” longest than any capital served that role. Israel, of course, when it became the [Jewish] state declared Jerusalem its capital, a situation to exist in perpetuity.
For over three thousand years Jerusalem had Jewish presence, and was the center of Judaism, it should remain so forever.
Barak Obama’s 2013 visit to Israel is his opportunity to cement his relations with Israel, and with the Jewish people.
At the risk of annoying some Muslims, and their allies, President Obama must cease the opportunity, while in Israel, to order the United States Embassy move from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, ASAP.
Israel on its part must insist that all formal meeting with Obama and his delegation are held in Jerusalem.

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US must increase not limit Mediterranean presence:

10 Feb

The United States must increase, not limit its Mediterranean presence.
Budget constraint notwithstanding, holding back planned deployment to the Middle East in face of problems with “Arab Springs” countries, and especially with Syria, is a grave error.
The risk of allowing an exploding Middle East to the United States is not nearly as remote as it may appear by looking at the map. The first casualty could well be the highly fragile United States economy. An open conflict in the Middle East would likely jump US gas prices at the pump to someplace in the $20.00s per gallon, and with it, heating oil, and the general cost of doing business to catastrophic levels. Should a shooting war begin in the region, unless it is a quick elimination of Iran’s nuclear threat, and Syria’s uncontrolled weapons, the United States economy could decline so fast that, literally within weeks the United States economy could rival that of Greece, or perhaps even some third-world countries.
Dempsey delaying Truman Group deployment to the linkedin.comiddle East; what a poor timing, what a poor choice!
As part of its budget reduction, the Pentagon, per General Dempsey, is delaying the Truman Group deployment to the Middle East. With Tunisia in turmoil, Egypt unstable, Libya in a shambles, and Syria, mostly Syria, about to explode, delaying the deployment to the Middle East is shortsighted, and could prove to be disastrous!
Syria has more chemical weapons than does anyone else in the world, it has delivery systems to reach North Africa, Israel, the 260,000 US troops on the Gulf, as well as many other points of interest to the United States. Syria is a client of Iran, and Ahmadinejad just left Egypt stirring the pot there, as he is about to do in Gaza.
Israel just blew up a convoy of state-of-the-art weapons on its way from Damascus to Lebanon (for Hezbollah,) and Assad in now on record suggesting that Israel is behind the civil war in Syria.
The Supreme Iranian leader, Ayatollah Ali Khomeini, just repeated that Iran will not negotiate with the United States (ending the Hagel doctrine, before it started,) while it still supports Syria with its fifty metric tons of Uranium.
The unstable Bashar Assad at the trigger of the most dangerous weapons in the world, is on record as ready to attack Israel with backing from Iran. With a backdrop of a revolution that was nationalistic, but that is now heavily infiltrated with al Qaeda elements, not enhancing the United States presence on the Mediterranean is a poor strategic decision, if there ever were one.
With all the option available to the Pentagon, cutting (or rather not enlarging) Middle East presence is about the least prudent choice it can take.
Not to second-guess a professional Pentagon staff, one may wonder about troop levels in Europe, South Korea, and elsewhere in the world, couldn’t they be reduces to allow for the added Middle East planned, already approved, and crucial deployment?

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Obama 2013 Israel visit [must be] in Jerusalem, its Capital!

6 Feb

Never throughout history was a nation’s capital imposed on it by others, until in 1948 the “international community” imposed Tel Aviv on Israel as its capital.
By choice, and based on history, Jerusalem is Israel’s Capital, it is so in perpetuity.
Israel must insist that all meetings with President Obama and with member of his team in his 2013 visit be held in Jerusalem, and that the United States President formally demonstrate his acceptance of Jerusalem as Israel’s Capital in perpetuity!
President Obama must also insist during his upcoming visit to Israel, and its Arab neighbors, that said neighbors recognize Israel’s right to exist, and that they remove all references of their goals to destroy Israel.
In return Israel should accept some pre-condition for negotiation with the “Palestinians.” Israel must at least accept a formula for determining boundaries, and some level of Palestinian sovereignty.
Obama must be the diplomat and try to make up for four years of essentially inaction in the area.

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Jerusalem is Israel’s Capital in Perpetuity; a Biblical Truth

28 Dec

The Jewish people has presence in Israel for over 3000 years, no nation edver had its G-d chosen capital for such a long time!
Obama’s failure to move the United States Embassy to Jerusalem, in spite of Congressional Resolution to require such move, is a blatant disregard of international norm which allows a nation to select its capital. This is especially outside of the norm in face of Jerusalem’s history is Judaism’s corner-stone…
Shame be on you, President Obama!

Iran to exceed 20% enrichment! Ahmadinejad: “In your face Obama!”

27 May

Iran to exceed 20% enrichment! Ahmadinejad: ‘In your face Obama!”

A little while ago, Iran’s nuclear chief made it clear that Iran was not curbing its enrichment due to international sanctions. Not only that, the Iranian chief said that limits the US put on how far Iran can enrich, were simply ignored.

“In your face, President Obama, in your face! And, Barak Hussein Obama, what are you going to do about the fact that we are continuing to do just what you told us not to do, enriching to 20%?” said Fereidoun Abbasi, Iran’s nuclear chief, on behalf of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad who continues to ridicule the American President.

President Obama, a toothless tiger, hoping that Israel, a country 2% the size of the US, will bail the US out, what a silly scenario!

The Obama Administration did supply Israel with sophisticated bunker-busters, as well as with other relevant weaponry, the Obama Administration supported the most recent submarine sale by Germany to Israel, and Saudi’s tacit approval of Israel using its air space.

All that notwithstanding, the Obama Administration also knows that if Israel acts against Iran, the US would become a part of the new conflict, a conflict that will not just between Israel and Iran, a conflict that will directly affect the whole Middle East, and most of the world, including the United States.

Will Iran force President Obama to act in a more meaningful manner in dealing with its nuclear developments, or is the United States waits for Israel to act?

Or, perhaps President has a secret political weapon, a behind the scene deal with Iran to be concluded just before the US 2012 election, and be used as his trump card?

Ahmadinejad: Israel the intolerable mosquito, an overture?

13 May

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is irrational, but he is no fool! The Iranian leader choses his words with care, and always with the approval of Iran’s Supreme Leader, the ayatollah Khomeini. For over three years, Ahmadinejad have been able to taunt Barak Obama, the “leader of the Free World,” without causing his image, or influence in the Islamic world to so suffer: A case of a mosquito taunting an elephant, the elephant not winning.

In Ahmadinejad recent speech the Iran leader compared Israel to a mosquito, words carefully chosen. The Iranian leader is sending a message that Israel is a constant irritant that he would like to eliminate, for the first time ever, hinting at allow the Jewish nation remain but not as a challenger to Iran, but as a neighbor.

The choice of mosquito in describing Israel is also likely to carry another meaning. Mosquito have outlasted all nations that are now extinct; the Israelis are likely to outlast Iran.

A final thought: Wouldn’t the human race have been better off if the Creatror had left a female mosquito and a female Iranian off Noah’s boat?

US/Israel inevitable 2012 Iran action; preparing the “bunker-busters!” Stake is in the ground, and only Iran can stop it.

11 Feb

US/Israel, inevitable 2012 Iran action; preparing the “bunker-busters!” The stake is in the ground, and only Iran can stop it now.

Military’s request for funds to ready twenty of its “bunker-busting,” bombs, some for its own supply, some to upgrade those in the hands of the Israelis is an early signal of inevitable action against Iran’s nuclear facilities. Since the critical Iranian facilities are deep underground, the bunker-busters will be a weapon of choice, perhaps accompanied by a number of tactical nukes from both the US and Israeli arsenals.

US and Israeli strategies are likely to include missiles from the Persian Gulf, air from US bases in Gulf States, and likely flight from Israel over Jordanian and Saudi air space. Even if the United States may play a support role because of political issues in an election year, its initial request for $91,000,000.00 for bunker-buster preparation, is but a first step in inclusion of the Congress in action that will likely take place before the 2012 election. The inevitable action is at a stage now that only action by Iran can stop its inevitability, and Iran will have to open up all its facilities, stop its enrichment program, and allow for permanent inspectors in all its facilities.

Since the US left Iraq, and Israel will not have that airspace available as a route to Iran, and as Egypt’s new rulers will not likely let Israel use the Suez, as did Mubarak, the US role in a mission to destroy Iran’s nuclear capabilities has been expended, including the use of UA resources now in the Gulf.

Count on the 2012 US election to shift emphasis from the economy and social issues, and to energy from the Gulf States, and the inevitable action against Iran.

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