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Afghanisten: US troops to remain, with US apology?

21 Nov

Our Nobel Peace Prize winning President continues to show a deep fear of Islam, and continuing involvement in “less than peaceful” endeavors. Much talk yet no results in any case involving any Muslim entity.
Capitulating, as Obama did, on the red line in Syria, groveling to Iran in spite of being snubbed several times, and continuing to offer the Iranian’s more and more concessions in spite of more and more rejections by Iran.
Hillary Clinton’s support of the radical Islamic Arab Spring action, and her declaring Assad “a true reformer,” the US supported mess in Egypt, and mow the deal with Afghanistan which Karzan will delay, and that in spite of Kerry’s statement to the contrary, will be accompanied by a US apology. Under President Obama, and in spite, or perhaps because his Cairo speech, the United States standing in the Islamic World declined, just as it did in Israel. Our Nobel Prize winning President seemed to have caused a less peaceful world than he found when entering office, in spite of moving US troops out of Iraq, and starting a move out of Afghanistan.