Khamenei: “We Thank Allah for Obama; Allah Akbar!”

16 Nov

Iran’s Supreme Leader, the Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, a man of enormous stature, prays to Allah six times a days, sometimes more. The Supreme Authority, Khamenei, is a devout Muslim who accepts the Quran, as the final and last authority for what mankind must do.
The Quran edicts that Muslims must seek world domination, that is one of the Ayatollah’s most important goals, he diligently works on the task, he devotes hours to that challenge, every day. Khamenei plan starts with a plan for controlling the Islamic World; notwithstanding the fact that his Shii part of Islam only represents about 20% of Muslims.
Based on world politics, the Ayatollah Khamenei devouts a number of his prayers every day to expressing gratitude to Allah for special gifts that help him to better perform his obligations. For the last four and a half (plus) years, the Ayatollah devotes time to thank Allah for putting Barak Hussein Obama at the head of the “free world.”
The Ayatollah Khamenei noted that Obama’s formative years in Islamic environment, followed by influences from the infidel but the positive anti-American teaching of the Reverend Wright, prepared the young mulatto American for Islam to manipulate; a gift from Allah that he was always grateful for.
Khamenei plan started with the insertion of the brash Ahmadinejad to speak for him in order to soften Obama and show that he (Obama) can be pushed around with impunity, the Ayatollah followed with the milder sounding, yet more sophisticated Hassan Rouhani; Khamenei is preparing the a the coup de grace, to get sanctions removed, and for allowing Iran to complete its nuclear development plans.
Khamenei orchestrated the humiliation of Obama when Rouhani, his second in command, was to visit the United Nations in New York. He did so in steps, very effective steps: First, Rouhani accepted a television interview by CNN. During the interview Rouhani announced to the world that he rejected an invitation to meet by President Obama; he was also able to squeeze in enough words to say that he even rejected an invitation for a handshake with President Obama’s.
It followed by President Obama giving Rouhani an expensive present, followed by Obama phoning the Iranian and saying that Iran US relations are thawing. The Ayatollah then took the opportunity to dismiss the phone call as “meaningless.”
On November 4, 2013, as the United States was planning to offer Iran concessions regarding its nuclear development program, the Ayatollah declares that: “American is the most hated country in the world.” After that, Khamenei led chants: “Death to America!”
Two weeks later the Iranians are in Geneva manipulating the United States, its allies, and the UN in negotiations.
The Ayatollah Ali Khamenei: “Thank you Allah for Obama, may he live long and prosper!”

Duped by Iran! Khamenei November 4, 2013: “Deat to America!” Friends today?

15 Nov

In three short weeks when Iran’s Supreme Leader, the Ayatollah Ali Khamenei declared America as: “…the most hated country in the world…” and joint the chants: “Death to America!” That took place on November 4, 2013. Two short weeks late Secretary of State Kerry considers Iran a friend.
With there kind of friends, who needs enemies?

Should Israel bail-out the free world since Obama is blind-sided by Iran?

8 Nov

Benyamin Netanyahu is the leader of a very powerful nation. He is the leader of a country with 7,000,000 people, less than 2% of the United States, and with infinitesimal landmass in comparison to that of the United States.
Until recently, when off-shore gas was discovered by Israel the country was essentially void of natural resources, except for human brain-power, and the technologies said human resource yielded.
Suggesting that Israel take out Iran’s nuclear developments before the rogue Islamic Republic that Iran is acquires nuclear weapon capabilities, is a monumental expectation. Should the “civilized” world agree that Israel should be the emissary of whatever is good and civilized, and take out Iran’s nuclear capabilities, many conditions will have to be met. We are again suggesting that: “The tail should wag the dog…” Can it be done?
Any rational scenario would have to include missile launches submarines, Israel own quality subs courtesy of Angela Merkel. Having said that, said submarines will have to have clear passage through the Suez Canal, a task that must be done under the present Egyptian regime since if the Muslim Brotherhood returns to power this avenue would not remain available.
The Saudis, Jordanians, and the other Gulf States, who all fear Iran as much as Israel, would have to agree to give Israel the right to use their airspace; Iraq’s space would not be available since Iran now is a client of Iran.
The United States would have to supply Israel with its most powerful bunker-busting bombs, and in large numbers. The United States, with the Gulf States, would be responsible for free Israeli submarines movement in the Gulf.
On top of these conditions, clandestine operation within Iran will have to be coordinated.
Since on November 4, 2013, Iran’s Supreme Leader, the Ayatollah Ali Khamenei les a parade in Teheran declaring the United States as the most hated country in the world, he said so without even excepting Israel, his mortal enemy, can anybody accept United States President Obama declaration that US Iranian relations are thawing? Does any rational person believe that loosening the sanctions on Iran, at this time, as Obama wishes to so make sense?
About two years ago Israel, during the quite of the night, took-out a nuclear facility in Syria, that task was welcomed by the Western World it only appear on the back pages of newspapers. Israel’s success should not make people be complacent; taking out Iran’s nuclear capability will be costly. Iran WILL retaliate, even if cannot reach Israel it can take out its anger on the numerous US troops on the Golf, and it will likely hurt those Arab neighbors who allowed Israel in.
A final word. Iran has a “Fatwa,” an irrevocable order by the highest religious authority, an order: “Not to build nuclear weapons.” Since Islam makes allowances for lying when it mean it version of survival, a term called “Takeyya,” the Ayatollah’s order leaves room for Iran’s completing its weapon grade Uranium development to be used on nuclear-weapons technology that it can get from Russia, China, and even possible from North Korea.
The question in front of the [civilized] nations of West: “What to do about Iran’s nuclear developments in face of its (Iran’s) new overtures that President Obama, a person who seems to be intimidated by anything Muslim, thinks means a softening of Iran’s posture? Shouldn’t rational people, those who witnessed the November 4, 2013 demonstration against the United States, defy President Obama softening posture towards Iran? President Obama is the titular head of the free world, he is still one who controls many of the elements, and resources that will be required to take-out Iran nuclear capabilities could, or should, this large powerful world count on tiny Israel to bail it out? Or, should allies unite and convince President Obama that as the “Leader of the Free World,” he must take decisive action to protect all nations from Iran’s nuclear threat.

Of Snowden: A hero, or a Goat? Let his peers judge when all facts are in!

4 Nov

In many cases, to some a terrorist is a criminal, to others, the same person may be a freedom fighter, or a hero, if you will. There is no doubt that nations do, and must keep some state secrets, but who is to judge if said secrets are indeed justified? Who is to judge if they harm the populous?
What Snowden did might have been illegal, but Thomas Jefferson in his wisdom made it clear that challenging authority was to be a part of the Nation that he helped “shape,” and that challenges are actually to be a part of the system.
There is a very thin line between first amendments right, and criminal violation of “state secrets.” The big question, who is to draw that line? Is it the authority being challenged, or the person challenging that authority?
In the case of Snowden, more of the nature of what was leaked should be known, and then, and only then, a jury of his peer should decide if he is a hero, or a villain…

Losing allies as Obama does, will the US remain a world power when he leaves?

26 Oct

With the latest NSA revelation which only describe activities that President Obama supports, could the United States maintain enough dependable allies to remain a world power?
Turkey opted for a Chinese air-defense system over one made by the United States; the Saudis are willing to maintain the close intelligence ties it used to have with the United States, they are extremely upset with President Obama’s kowtowing to the Iranian, a Shiite enemy of Gulf Sunnis, and Norway would not assist in disposing of Syria’s chemical as the United States requested…Angela Merkel and other European leaders are considering a case in front of the United Nations to curb NSA eves dropping, and the United States foreign policy chasm with the world that Mrs. Clinton left behind is continuing to grow, and grow.
Contributing to the situation is another poor choice for Secretaries of State, and defense, by President Obama is another problem. At defense we have a man with “foxhole” experience, not one with any feel for the broad picture, and in State, the crucial foreign policy backbone ended up with John Kerry, perhaps a nice man, but only a mediocre politician, and like Mrs. Clinton before him, no diplomatic skills.
Obama’s legacy is likely to remain a disaster short of Obamacare becoming a success! If the ACA fails, President Obama would likely go into history as The United States worst President of modern times…

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Saudis shifting “favored” relations from the US to China! Can US foreign policy get any worse?

24 Oct

The Obama/Hillary Clinton chasm with the rest of the world is continuing to grow. Saudi Arabia will now drift closer to the Chinese, it will do so for several reasons. The economics of oil, China now imports more oil than does the United States. The fact that the United States did not carry the desired action against Syria, but rather capitulated and let Putin take the lead, a win for Assad and the Shiite, a loss for the Saudis and Sunnis. And last, but not least, President Obama trying to become cozy with Iran, in spite of the snubs, and open rejections.
The “straw that broke the camel’s back,” of course, was Obama’s allowing Iran to manipulate him and the West so that it can get closer to getting nuclear weapons. The United States, in spite of having its overtures for thawing relations with Iran being rejected, is pushing hard for dialogue, and allowing the Iranians to pull the wool over its head.
The United States keep counting on the Ayatollah Ali Khamenei “fatwa” that Iran will not build nuclear weapons as a crutch to support its soft stance with Iran, the Saudis know better! The Fatwa is a shield, if only deals with “built,” it does not deal with the term “acquire!”
The Saudis are frightened, as are all the Gulf States of Iran as a nuclear power. They all realize that in spite of being a Shiite nation (only 20% of Islam,) and a non-Arab nation, Iran would like to dominate and lead the Islamic World. They all know that with nuclear weapons Iran will be able to accomplish its mission of dominating Islam.
It may seem strange that a person like President Obama who spent his formative years among Muslims, does not know how to deal with the Islamic World. President Obama’s “E. pluribus unum” (out of many one,) to the Islamic World in his June 4, 2009 Cairo speech was designed to start a positive relations with Islam, but it seemed to have backfired. In his speech he apologized to Muslims for United States past behaviors; Americans hated that, Muslims saw it as a sign of weakness and have been manipulating America’s President ever since. Adding to his own errors, President Obama appointed Hillary Clinton, a politician with no diplomatic skills to Secretary of State. Hillary Clinton made significant errors when dealing with Islam. From “leading from behind” at Arab Springs, a movement to expand Sharia law in North Africa, to declaring Assad as “a true reformer,” while allowing Iran, Hezbollah, and Russia to support the Assad regime, st the expense of Sunnis, which the Saudis resented.
Iran is a dangerous nation, but President Obama is reluctant to accept that fact, and, as a result is causing the United States to lose a great deal of respect, and influence.
Under President Obama United States foreign policy is at its lowest state, it rival in its ineptness to those under Jimmy Carter, and George W. Bush. With President Obama at the help for some three and a half years more, how much lower can US foreign policy sink?

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Iran’s “Fatwa” is not to build nuclear weapons, but does not to forbid weapon technology from the likes of Russsia! Can the US count on Israel to do its bidding to stop Iran?

22 Oct

Time and time again, President Obama show an unprecedented level of naivete when dealing with Muslims. Being snubbed by Iran’s Rouhani was a display of major humiliation, and now trying to deal with Iran on their nukes.
Either President Obama is naive, or he is intimidated by Muslims. Iran’s Fatwa (religious edict) that it will not build nuclear weapons may have been made in good faith, but it does not include provisions to get weapons technology from either Russia, North Korea, or someone else, when its (Iran’s) Uranium enrichment reaches weapon grade material, Weapon grade material, by the way has no other purpose but weapons…
With Obama too weak to deal with the Iran threat, would the United States, and the world have to count on Israel to deal with the matter? What a dangerous scenario!
Must United States the giant must count on others to do its bidding? Obama relinquished control of the negotiation in Syria to Putin; will he stoop down so low and get Israel to do his bidding?

Syria’s conflict WILL end with new Middle East Geography! Emerging: Kurdistan, two Lebanons, no”Palestine:”

26 Sep

The conflict in Syria WILL end with geographic re-alignment of the region, the details are not yet relevant. For example, many the three or more million Syrian refugees will not return to Syria; where and how do they end? Kurds will insist and will likely end up with their own country (parts of Syria, Turkey, Iraq.)
There will no legitimate Syria (the US and most others will not accept Assad, Russia and Iran would not allow a Sunni sovereign, what a mess…) to hand the Golan Heights back to, it WILL thus remain Israeli territory in perpetuity.
With the wholesale re-alignment there will likely no room for new “Palestine” as a separate new country, part will likely be annexed to Jordan, part to Egypt, providing the Egypt government structure ever gets settled.
And there is Lebanon with enhanced Hezbollah influence and about a million and a half Syrian added to its highly heterogeneous population, what a challenge that will cause; perhaps a split into two countries, one Christian, the other Muslim…”
Lebanon would likely split into a muslim (to the north,) and Chriswtian (to the south, bordering with Israel,) contries, Hezbollah would likley control the Islamic client state of Iran, and Russia.
And the remaining Syria, an enigma! Will it be Sunni with significant al Qaeda, and Saudi influence, or will it become more moderate, too early to tell…

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America losing relevance in the Middle East…

22 Sep

The United States is not a homogeneous country; it is only as smart as is its leadership and any given time. Under Barak Obama, at least while Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State, the US was totally ignorant about matters dealing with the Islamic world. Mrs. Clinton thought that she could charm her way, and President Obama felt that his formative years among Muslims would put him in good stead.
Both Obama and Mrs. Clinton were wrong! Rather than to study the Islamic World and recognize that it is a multi-faceted entity, they tried misused American ideology. They supported Arab Springs, the overthrow of Mubarak, and Mrs. Clinton suggested that Bashar Assad was a “true reformer.”
America with today’s leadership is not only not smart, it is a very stupid country when it comes to dealing with Muslims…Interestingly enough it is also quite impotent when it comes to dealing with Israel, the Muslim Middle East neighbors.
Unless there is a rude awakening by and in the United States, and a very new and more intelligent direction it will become more irrelevant with every day that goes by!

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President Obama’s Syria Posture, the Epitome of incompetence; and Betrayal of Allies!

1 Sep

President Obama Syria Posture, the Epitome of incompetence; and Betrayal of Allies!

After a convincing speech by Secretary of State Kerry on August 30, 2013; a good explanation why the US must take urgent action against Syria, the President of the United States, Barak Hussein Obama, on August 31, 2013, ‘a day that will live in infamy,’ destroyed United States credibility as a leader of the free world, as a Nation that can be trusted to maintain balance in today’s turmoil of a worlds.
President Obama proposed to the Nation that he will throw a stone at a hornet’s nest and stand by to see the results.
President Obama Syrian posture is tantamount to retreat (as Syrian papers reported,) and verging on treason by violating a trust to the US, and its allies, mostly Jordan and Israel in this case.

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