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Obazma’s 50% estimate for Israeli Palestinian peace is inflated:

19 Jan

Starting with an overview of President Obama’s political view about the GOP, he seems to be right, even though he seemed to be walking on eggs by not mentioning the African-American vote. Based on Obama’s horrible performance, neither he, nor the Democrats are very popular. That notwithstanding, the Republicans are not doing much better, and as Obama said, their relations with minorities are abysmal.
Moving to the Middle East where the Obama Administration, under Hillary Clinton, did a horrible job. Mrs. Clinton mistook and supported Arab Springs not realizing that it was a move towards strengthening Sharia law, and labeled Assad: “A true reformer,” being in large part responsible for the escalation of the conflict.
Moving on to President Obama’s view of the Israeli situation: In order to have peace one must have to have an entity with whom to have peace, and since there is no “Palestine,” there is much less than 50% chance for peace. The”Palestinians” are not ready for a state any more than the Arab part of the region is ready for a new state. This is especially so with the influx of over four million Syrian refugees dumped mostly on Jordan and on Lebanon.
As to “peace” in Syria, the likelihood is more like 10% than Obama’s 50%. The present regime (a branch of Shiite) will prevail, but with someone else in place of Assad; it will operate under a strong Iranian influence.
As to geographic changes; there will be some, including more secure borders for Israel.
Finally, a significant Sunni/Shiite conflict will likely continue in Syria and Lebanon, for many years. The conflict will have Iran (with Russia,) supporting the Shiite, while the Saudis (with elements of al Qaeda) and with some minimal US help, supporting the Sunni.
There is no end in sight to the regional Inter-Islam conflict in the; let us hope the the “collateral” damage, and the “scapegoating” of Zionism, does not hurt Israel too much.

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