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US Middle East, and other foreign policy, in shambles:

3 Apr

The United States never did have a very enlightened policy in the Middle East, but the Barack Obama Administration treatment of the region is the epitome of failures.
The US under Obama encouraged and helped in ousting Mubarak, and then, perhaps unwittingly, supported the rise to power of the Muslim Brotherhood. The rest of the mess in Egypt is well known.
Under Hillary Clinton’s inept guidance, the United States “led from behind” at Arab Springs, a move towards enhancing Sharia law in North Africa, a move she mistook as on for democratization.
Then Mrs. Clinton declared Assad a “true reformer” and did not have the United States support a legitimate rebellion allowing it to turn into a real religious civil war in Syria. The war in Syria caused some 5,000,000 refugees to mostly enter Jordan and Lebanon, to never return to Syria, and to likely completely change the geo-politics of the region.
The war in Syria, as is the mess in Egypt, is very likely to reduce the minimal possibility of a “two-state” solution from faltering, to failing. The situation in the area would likely get the West Bank to be annexed to Jordan, Gaza to Egypt, while the Golan to remain, and the Bekaa Valley will become a part of Israel.
One should note that in the three years of the Syrian rebellion more than 100,000 Arab Syrians were killed, and Five million refugees were made to flee the country of Syria; in both areas the numbers are scored higher than the total deaths of Arabs in the one hundred year old Jewish Arab conflict is the area!
Yes, US foreign policy as led by Lady Hillary, Sir John, and King Barack did not make the United States proud with their actions regarding the Middle East.