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Did US Syria policy conribute to the conflict turning into religious war?

12 May

The Syrian civil war has already turned into a religious regional conflict. There are well over one million Syrian refugees in the region, and the number civilians slaughtered is approaching 100,000, many more than all casualties during the one hundred year Israeli Arab conflict.
The handling of the situation in Syria by the United States allowed a legitimate secular nationalistic movement to be turned into a religious civil war. Hillary Clinton’s policy of attending on the sidelines allowed Iran and Russia to help Assad turn the tide resulting in what is now a religious regional conflict that will expand.
“Leading from behind at Arab Springs,” were a horrible mistake; the Benghazi fiasco may not have been as bad, but was more visible, but Syria!
As Secretary of State Hillary Clinton made very bad calls, but Syria is going to prove to be the worst of them all. Standing on the sidelines when a nationalistic and secular rebellion began was a terrible error. Not helping the rebellion allowed Russia and Iran to shore up Bashar Assad, and caused the conflict to grow. It also allowed the Saudis to give the rebels some help, but with that came the introduction of al Qaeda into the equation.
The Syrian conflict is not over; there is an issue with chemical weapons, with long-range missiles (that can reach about 260,000 US troops on the Gulf,) and the effect on the Kurds, Turkey, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, and Israel.
The incident in Turkey is only one of many, the Syrian situation will have lasting affects on all countries in the region, and on the national interests of the United States. The Obama/Hillary Clinton Middle East dogma has proven, and is continuing to prove to be disastrous!

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