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Zionism, the rallying word behind Islamic rage! Zyonism, in search of solutions through understanding.

24 Jan

Zyonism: Introduction and “mission statement:”

Zyonism, is successor to Zionism, a movement that was designed to, and then succeeded, in establishing a Jewish State in Palestine. Now that Israel is fait accompli, enhancing its standing as a viable and substantial participant in the global community, is the mission undertaken by Zyonism!

Zyonism will continue efforts to enhance the position of the State of Israel in twenty-first Century global politics; its objectives are to analyze and explore solutions to issues that affect Israel and its allies around the world.

Inasmuch as Israel, in spite of its small size, influences a non-trivial part of international relations, its actions, as is its mere existence, represent a pivotal element in inter-nations dialogue regarding the future of a peaceful world. The fact that the word Zyonism is enough to trigger rage among Arab, and other, Muslim nations, will be dealt with. A review of the matter will be assessed with candor, and will be utilized in exploring means through which to neutralize this unfounded anger of many generations.

Israel’s historic mission to the world, a mission that was first expressed in the  Old Testament , is of utmost significance to all those who belive in god, particularly to members of the three principal monotheist religions. In spite of having differing views regarding the intended Divine role of the Jewish people, and of the State of Israel, all believers realize that the Jewish people have a unique role.

The Zyonism blog will review those many and complex relationships between Israel and other nations, it will attempt to propose solutions where problems exist.  The blog will consider all views regarding International relations, both pros and cons, regarding Israel’s role in today’s world. A particular attention will be given to Iran’s threat to the global community. Israel’s role as the most viable deterrent to Iran’s danger, will be evaluated analyzed. 

Understanding that the mere fact that Israel exists irritates Arabs, and that its existence triggers rage in the Islamic World, should help Zyonism assess causes and potential solutions to the conflict between Islam and the West.

The conflict that started with the fact that Ishmael’s birthrights were “stolen,” a conflict that moved forward to the Koran where Allah resents the facts that the Jewish people would not accept him over their god, is not something that can be resolved without a great deal of understanding, sympathy, and effort. A conflict of thousands of years cannot be resolved overnight. The dispute between Islam and the non-Islamic monotheist religions, however, can reach resolution providing reasonable members of these religions deal reasonably with one another; Zyonism will attempt to identify potential solutions to the problem.

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