ISRAEL, as the Jewish state was to include Judea and Samaria; the “Brits” messed that up!

4 Dec

Price Fiesal, the most important spokesperson for the Arab world at the time, in 1918 stated: “Palestine to the Jews, Arabia to the Arabs!” The British holders of a League of Nations mandate on the area, in order to appease the oil rich Arab nations took upon themselves to violet the Mandate and made a mess of things.

The British while holding the League of Nations Mandate for Palestine, without ANY legal authority split Trans Jordan (now Jordan) from the part of Palestine that was designated to shared between the Arab and Jews; Judea and Samaria were clearly to be a part of the Jewish state.
Prince Feisal, the most important Arab voice of the time, in 1918 said: “Palestine to the Jews, Arabia to the Arabs.”
As usual the British authorities screwed up a number of Middle Eastern nation that they had temporary stewardship over. For example the eight year Iran Iraq war, and the India Pakistan wars were in large part due to botched boundaries by British authorities.
There is little or no doubt that the international community intended Judea, and Samaria were intended to be a part of the Jewish state, now called Israel.

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